Carla & Marcos {Wedding Day}

Marcos was a hardened New Yorker when he came to St.Louis to work for the Cardinals.  Grown tired of the big city life, he came to the area in pursuit of something new and different.  He didn’t come here looking for love, but on the first day of training for his new career, the instructor – a sweet, vivacious, red head caught his eye.  He figured he didn’t have a chance, but wasn’t able to stop thinking about her.  The New York tough exteriror could not stop the weakness in his gut for his class instructor.  As days went on Marcos couldn’t shake his feelings and they in fact became quite the distraction.  Ask him today what he learned in the class and he’ll proudly tell you he has no idea.  Because the only thing he learned that really mattered was that Carla was single.  He finally gathered his courage and asked her out on a date and Carla agreed.  They’ve been inseperable ever since.

To say that Carla and Marcos are in love is an understatement.  She adores him.  She is always excited to see him.  He lights up when she enters the room.  She still to this day makes him forget where he is and makes his knees go weak.  Love like theirs is hard to find.  It’s as if the love they felt in the beginning when things are fresh and new when love is easy is still just as strong as today – even when life is hard.

Carla & Marcos are a reminder to the rest of us to look at our spouse with fresh eyes, remember the spark that first drew you to the other, and maybe for awhile – let your knees get weak from just being around one another.  To make every day like your very first date.

Enjoy Carla & Marcos’s first day of the rest of their lives – 12/4/09!





Carla & Marcos had a great set up for photos… they chose to have a first glance (a pattern for great photos that cannot be denied) and then head to St.Louis for 4 hours.  SO not only are the two madly in love – they are WAY smart.



Where the love fest all began!




Total hotness fellas.




Carla – you rocked this location!  What a find!



Carla & Marcos are one of those couples that you don’t have to tell to kiss – they just do it, and you don’t have to tell Marcos to stare at Carla because he already is.  This pose was just them – wrapped up in each other.



One thing I haven’t mentioned is what great friends Carla and Marcos have.  These friends braved the FREEZING cold temps and still put on a smile.  I had no feeling in my feet – seriously.  It was obnoxiously frigid, but no one ever complained.  Everyone needs friends like that!




The ceremony and reception we both at the same location and it worked out wonderfully!  A photographer’s dream.




Carla & Marcos – you both make my heart smile.  It’s so wonderful to watch two people so visibly in love say their vows.  Your love is strong and steadfast and Roger and I admire you both and will never forget you or your wedding day!  Congratulations!!!

All of their photos will be online on Friday so come see all their pics next year!!  (yeah, I just said that)

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Marcos - These pics look great. Carla, you look beautiful. I am so happy to be spending the rest of our lives together. I relive this day every morning waking up next to you. I love you! Wedding party… you were awesome. Looking good. Karin & Roger, you guys are the best and deserve many kudos for the outstanding job you performed and the professionalism you showed. Karin, don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone what you were dancing to on the bus. Heehee. Carla and I are both so lucky to have met you and Roger. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Marcos - Funny how seeing some of these pics brings a chill down my spine just looking at them. Man it was cold that day!!!

Amanda Zika - Once again you nailed this one out of the ballpark (get it ball park – he, he). These look fabulous!!!! Best of luck to the amazingly in love couple.

Carla - I have looked at these so many times today and I still don’t have the words to describe how much I LOVE THEM!!!! Karin & Roger, Thank you so much! The memories you’ve captured for us are priceless!!!!!

Jeanne Venne - Beautiful pictures. A mother couldn’t be any happier.

Wanda Delgado - Awesome Pictures. You both look wonderful together. Many, many, many, many years of happiness and love together.

Dawn Devall - three words O.M.G.

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