Carla & Jeff {Wedding Day}

Each wedding day is different and unique.  Some days are high stress.  OK – alot of them are.  When I am not photographing under time constraints, I don’t know how to act.  So on Carla and Jeff’s wedding day – I was beside myself with joy.  Everything was on time, relaxed, and… amazing.  One thing for certain – Carla and Jeff have great taste.  Not only in photographers, but in everything wedding.  These two did NOT miss a beat.  Everything had been well thought out, and well planned.  Like a well oiled machine, this wedding was flawless.  From the moment the camera first touched my hands – I felt at ease and excited all at the same time.  It’s a very rare feeling – and a very rare wedding.  Some days when the details are through the roof, and you can tell there has been alot of time and thought put into the wedding day – it is high stress.  But not this day.  But I think that speaks volumes for Carla and Jeff.  This day meant the world to them, and all their hard work paid off.  I hope you enjoy this one as much as we did!




First of all – Carla glowed on her wedding day.  Just the definition of radiant.  These photos of her are so breathtaking. 


Second of all – something that I am a huge advocate of is having a hair and make up stylist come to you and do your hair and make up for your wedding day.  You can see the difference in the way girls look and how their looks last ALL DAY.  It was HOT this day.  And I mean stinky, passing out, give me a drink before I die – hot.  And these girls remained flawless.  (I looked like a hot mess, so girls when you pay for this service – consider including me)  And as no surprise, April & Cyndi were the stylists that created these amazing looks.  Not only are they so fun for girls to hang out with, they are also true artists.



Go Jeff.  It’s your wedding day.  Go Jeff.  It’s your wedding day.




I love seeing how alike Roger and I think… go ahead and guess which one is his and which one is mine.  Obviously, great minds think alike.





awww snap.  Work it on out hotties.




This tree is the location where it all began…Jeff popped the question one day during a romantic picnic.  (Incase you were wondering, she said yes!!)


This reception was absolutely PHENOMINAL.  Everywhere you turned it was jaw dropping. 


Now, I have to tell you that one of my favorite parts of the reception was indeed the food!  Turtles, cookies made by Grandma Byrd, fillet, smooth and melty mint candies, a chocolate fountain, and cake from The Cakery Bakery.  It was as if the mother ship had come to take me home.  Roger rolled me out of there, but I was smiling I assure you!



I must mention that another way a wedding runs smoothly is with the assistance of a wedding planner.  The amount of things these people do so brides and grooms to have to bear the burden is amazing.  And they make certain everything is perfect.  And in this case – they make sure everything is perfect for other vendors as well.  This was our first time working with Sarah Grus and she was amazing.  SO nice, so organized, and such a professional.  Too bad she doesn’t make house calls!


Carla and Jeff – there are no words to express how impressed we were with every second of your wedding day.  I think your wedding day was a true testament to you as people.  Thoughtful, beautiful, hospitable.  And just like your love – it may have taken time and careful planning, but you 110% got it right.  With as much preparation and thought as you used picking out every aspect of your wedding – I must say how much of a compliment it was that you chose us.  We were blessed to be chosen to document a day and a love as extrodinary as this.  Congrats!

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Amanda Zika - Love, love, love this! She is radiant! As always, you and Roger nailed it! Okay, the wide shot of the girl is yours and the close up is Rogers 🙂

Wanda May Irish - What beautiful photos!! You both looked incredible and what an amazing venue for a wedding!!! Thanks for sharing photos of your beautiful day!!

Amy Giles - Awwww, this pages brings tears to my eyes. It’s beautiful. Great job on the pictures! I’ll def. want to order some!!

Dawn Devall - What an awesome wedding! Everything looked great! AWESOME photos of a beautiful couple, what more could you ask for?

clary - Really loving all the details shots!!

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