Caitlyn + Tommy {wedding story}

Back in the day, we photographed the wedding of Stephanie and Brad.  In the process we gained great friends and continue to keep in touch with them to this day.  On their wedding day, during the toasts – Stephanie’s young, brave little sister got up and gave a fantastic toast to the couple.  She may have been only a high schooler, but her personality and confidence just captivated the entire place.  We came to know Caitlyn throughout the years and watched an incredible teenager turn into a remarkable young woman.  It was evident right from the start that this girl was going to be a world changer.
When she started posting on Facebook about her boyfriend Tommy, we assumed right away that he must be someone special to have won her heart.  What we saw, was that he was a world changer as well because when he became a part of Caitlyn’s life her world completely changed.  She’d found someone who completed her in a ways that she likely never knew possible.  Their relationship is a mix of lighthearted, silly, and fun with a twist of sentimental, old souls.  What’s most noticeable is the fact that these two are one another’s very best friend.  Seeing them together makes you feel happy and filled with hope.

When it came to wedding planning, Caitlyn and Tommy wanted one thing – to promise forever in front of their closest family and friends.  While it’s easy to get carried away in the details and the party, these two kept their focus on the stuff that really matters.  Just like their day, their love is timeless, and we are so happy to share their wedding with you today.
CT001CT002Caitlyn is a gorgeous girl with a great sense of style that is 100% her.  We love that she chose a tea length dress and rocked her glasses on her wedding day.  Caitlyn you are and always will be a doll!CT003We’d never met Tommy in person before and seriously – such a charmer.  Love everything about him!CT004CT005CT006A tearful and joyful First Look…
CT007and a gorgeous couple!!CT008CT009CT010CT011CT012CT013CT014I don’t even know what’s going on here, but it perfectly sums up their personalities.CT015This is what happens when two fantastic people have a child!!  Caitlyn’s nephew/Stephanie and Brad’s son Braden.  He’s honestly the cutest guy I’ve ever seen.  (Sorry Rog)CT016CT017These 4 women are pretty much the coolest gals you’ll ever meet.
CT024CT025CT026donuts, cookies, and milk.  Let me just let you sit and ponder this excellence for a bit.CT027CT028Again – not sure what was going on here, yet perfectly sums up the two.CT029CT030CT031CT032CT033So this entire event was held at the Wildey theatre in Edwardsville IL.  I took dance classes for years in the room the reception was held in, so I was so excited to be back in this cool old venue.  But most of my excitement was wrapped up in the fact that we’d planned a chunk of time for night photos with the Wildey’s marquee and an classic car.  This is the stuff I live for.  CT034CT035CT036CT037Caitlyn has a photo of her grandma on her wedding day that she wanted to reproduce.  We typically showcase our images without a vintage/film look, but the nostalgicness of these images just called for it.  Caitlyn, I hope someday your granddaughter is requesting photos on her wedding day that look like yours!!CT038CT039And then they got behind the wheel!!  (Kissing and driving is 100% OK)CT040CT041This gorgeous ring and the setting with the popcorn both have a story!  Caitlyn’s grandpa gave her grandma a necklace that always sat on her dresser in a little green box with a red bow.  Caitlyn loved that necklace and remembered it distinctly.  For her wedding ring, Tommy put the stone together with sapphires and diamonds from a ring her grandmother had given her and created this sentimental and perfect keepsake to symbolize their love. As if this alone wasn’t one of the most romantic gestures you’ve ever heard, you MUST go read how Tommy proposed HERE.  CT042

I know this post has been filled with beautiful images and a beautiful love story, but I wouldn’t want you to miss out on a bit more goodness in the video below!!

Caitlyn and Tommy – we loved your day, your love, your stories, your families, your personalities… YOU.  We can’t wait to watch as your old souls grow old together!!  CHEERS to you both!!

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