Caitlin + Michael: Mexico Wedding Story

Living in the midwest, December weddings can be iffy.  The weather can be downright bitter, the skies are often laden with heavy – gray clouds, and the hours of daylight are fleeting.  So when Caitlin contacted about her wedding date of 12/13/14, our concerns quickly were dismissed when we read the location was “At the Moon Palace Resort in Mexico”.  Instead of bitter cold, there was the heat of the southern sun with soft breezes of salt water air coming off the ocean.  The skies were the deepest of blues with soft fluffy white billowing clouds.  The hours of daylight hung on until the sun turned to crimson as it faded behind the horizon.
Caitlin and Michael were blessed to have more than 40 close friends and family come along to Mexico to celebrate their beginning of forever, and as each arrived you could feel the excitement increase.  Greeted with a smile and a frozen  concoction, every guest fell right into the comforts of the gorgeous resort.  Days were filled with sun by the pool and relaxation, and nights were filled with delectable dinners and laughter that lasted all night.  The typical December days back home felt a world away as everyone lost all worries and cares and gained sun kissed skin, and a relaxed glow.

By the time Caitlin & Michael’s wedding date arrived, the anticipation of this joyous day had everyone grinning from ear to ear.  With enough time to unwind and settle  into beach life, the only thing left was the “I do”s and the fiesta.  And on 12/13/14 – that’s exactly what they did!!!  Enjoy Caitlin & Michael’s magnificently breathtaking wedding day!!!


The view from Caitlin and Michael’s room literally took your breath away.  It was a panoramic view of crystal blue ocean!


We’ve never had the pleasure of watching a bride arrive to her ceremony via horse and carriage along the ocean, and I now believe it is how all brides should arrive at their wedding ceremony.


We’ve had the joy of photographing a few wedding ceremonies on the beach, but if given the option of something slightly enclosed that over looks the ocean – I highly recommend it.  The wind was controllable, the sun wasn’t right in everyone’s face, and onlookers were kept at bay.  It was a definite picture perfect option!



cm_mexico016AND NOW LET’S FIESTA!!!
cm_mexico017cm_mexico018Dear blue sky, I miss you.

In case you haven’t noticed – Caitlin has an adorable laugh.


The day was timed so perfectly that Caitlin and Michael had time for a little siesta before their evening cocktail hour and reception.  They changed into comfy clothes, enjoyed lunch together, visited with family, and relaxed.  When the timing was perfect for great photos, we headed back out with them when the sun was softer and eased into a late afternoon of beautiful images!

cm_mexico023cm_mexico024cm_mexico025How gorgeous are these two!?!?cm_mexico026GAH gorgeous eyes as blue as the water!!  Perfection.cm_mexico027


cm_mexico032cm_mexico033cm_mexico034cm_mexico035cm_mexico036cm_mexico037And then the beautiful blue skies transformed into a spectacular palate of oranges, pinks, corals, purples, and the gulf waters followed suit.  The last trickle of sunlight provided the perfect finish to it’s spectacular day.cm_mexico038cm_mexico039cm_mexico040cm_mexico041cm_mexico042With nightfall came a sultry palate of colors took over, and it was time for an all out fiesta!!

From the moment the dance music started there wasn’t a dull moment throughout the rest of the evening.  Every single person in attendance had the time of their lives dancing the night away under the stars.

cm_mexico052cm_mexico053cm_mexico054cm_mexico055Caitlin & Michael, when we first sat down that winter day to talk about your destination wedding we talked about your dreams and your excitement and explained that when we photograph a destination wedding, you have to be willing to walk away with us as family – not as your photographers.  Traveling to a different country and being engulfed with your family, friends, your love, your memories – we form a camaraderie with you that you have to be prepared for.  We may have left the country with you as clients, but we came home with you as family.  So don’t be surprised when we show up next Christmas.  😉
We cannot thank you enough for always making sure we were part of your group, never leaving us out of activities, making sure we were greatly accommodated, and for the kindness and hospitality you so graciously extended to us every moment of our trip with you.  Your wedding will be cherished in our memories as one of the finest weddings we ever had the privilege to be a part of.
When it’s time for a reunion or a vow renewal – we hope you’ll call!!
Muchas Gracias!!!

There is SO much more of this gorgeous day for you to see!!  Go ahead and grab yourself a margarita, put on your sombrero, and feast your eye on more of paradise!!!

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