Brittany & Adam {married}

Brittany and Adam have a love that is sweet as sugar.  Thoughtful and caring, the couple hold one another in highest regard and with utter respect.  And if you met the two, you’d know they deserve it.  Brittany is the best friend that every girl would love to have.  So thoughtful and kind, and loves surprises and letting someone know she cares.  Adam is charming and respectful, has a smile that will win you over, and is sweet to his momma.  Enough said.  When you put these two together you get everyones most endeared couple.  Everyone holds them with the highest regard and can see that these two are meant to be.  It’s easy to envision them old, happy, with a zillion grandkids running around.  And we personally couldn’t be more proud that when those grandkids want to see what grandma and grandpa’s wedding was like – this is what they’ll see…
You know that part on Cinderella where the mice are all around her helping her get ready and it’s so magical?  Here is the fairytale in real life.Brittany you are GORGEOUS.  You were such a stunning bride!!!There is that smile.  Adam – you are so genuinely nice and were such a pleasure to photograph.  Thank you for never complaining and your cooperation – photographing you is a complete joy!OWWW!!  Beautiful girls!!Brittany and Adam had a WONDERFUL time line – photos were so important to the couple, so they opted for a first look even though they had time built in after the ceremony for photos.  This could not have been a better scenario and the couple have so many creative images and everyone stayed completely relaxed.  A modern wedding day rarity!!  😉Adorable.Yep – another wedding, another cute little girl that Roger takes sweet photos of.  He blows my mind.While the ceremony was going on, this little gal was in the back of the church writing on a piece of paper.  I’d love to know what she’s thinking about here.Look at these ladies saunter.  Very nicely done girls!Brittany and Adam had gotten ahold of this cool old truck that had been in the family for years.  Anyone who knows me knows I am a complete sucker for a cool old truck.  We had a blast getting creative shots with it and it added so much character to the images.GAH – how cute is this?and this!and this!!!!And if the entire photographing process didn’t have us fired up enough, then this light happened…and they lived happily ever after…

Brittany & Adam – you two are such a joy to one another and to others.  You are so blessed, so fortunate, and so lovely.  We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to be a part of your day and your memories!!!

For more of Brittany and Adam’s gorgeous day – check out this ADORABLE slideshow!!

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Ashley - LOVE all of the pictures! They all turned out perfect! Such a gorgeous couple! 🙂

Brittany Davinroy - OMG OMG OMG!!!! Karin and Roger I can’t even express how amazing these pictures are!! You absolutely captured every single moment of our day and made it look like a fairytale!! You two are such a delight to work with and I would not have trusted anyone else with capturing our day!! You are AMAZING..Period!!!

Cortney Crocker - Ahh!!!! I love them so much!!! So beautfiul!!!! Great job TenSixteen!!!

Jenna Schrage - AAAHHHH!! I love them!!! What a beautiful bride!!!

tom schrage - Brit, you never looked more beautiful or happy. May you both have a wonderful and fulfilling marriage. To the both of you good luck and you have all my love all the time. Love Dad. P.S. That’s the big guy to you D-Roy.

Jaime Schrage - The photos all look really amazing. You managed to get such adorable shots with all of the cool props.

Sharon - Fantastic pics….But then you had great subjects to work with!!

Tara Benhoff - Amazing pictures!!!!!

Tiffany Zurliene - Wow!! These are all so beautiful!! TenSixteen did such a great job capturing a perfect day!!

Janet Baldwin - TenSixteen did a marvelous job on the photos.
Adam and Brittany your wedding was the best of 2013.
PS: Great way to include Grandpa’s old truck

Mark and Elaine Harter - Oh My!!! What perfect pictures of such a perfect couple on such a perfect day!!! We are Uncle and Aunt and current owners of the family truck. It was so thrilling to have it and in a way Grandpa as a part of the day. You did an amazing job. Such original ideas!!

Brooke - These pictures are amazing! Perfect pictures of a perfect day! Love!

Amanda - These are GORGEOUS!! Amazing pictures of a beautiful couple!!

Carol - What great pictures!!! The wedding was so beautiful! One of the best photographers I’ve seen.

Janet Baldwin - TenSixteen did an awesome job!

Adam & Brittany, the photos show how much you love each other.
PS: Nice touch including Grandpa’s truck!

Chris Beizer - WOW those turned out nice. You guys should’ve kept the truck!

Danielle - Great pictures!!

Karen Moss - Brittany,

Love all the pictures. You were a beautiful bride. Thanks for sharing these with me.

Kary - These wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous, awesome job TenSixteen. Congrats to the happy couple! 🙂

Kellie Silva - Awesome pics. You look beautiful. Congrats.

Andy - Nice photos.

Rachel - Beautiful photos for a wonderful couple.

Heather - You look so beautiful Brittany. These pictures are the best I’ve seen.

Kellie - Great photos.

Teri - Wow! Beautiful pictures, Beautiful Wedding!

Adam - Thank you guys for everything. The pictures look great and we couldn’t be happier.

Mary Kay & Albert Mc - Tom’s truck is a perfect background for a perfect wedding. Much happiness
Adam & Brittany!!!

Deb Schrage - Absolutely beautiful!! Literally brought me to tears! Thanks you so much TenSixteen for capturing the previous moments of the day.

Grandma Baldwin - Beautiful pictures!!!
Stunning Bride!!!
The whole day was a wonderful celebration.

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