Brittany & Adam {engaged}

Sometimes when you are dating someone, you ask yourself if the person you are with is “the one”. And sometimes, you know immediately. “When you know, you know.” It’s not just the little signs – like the fact that she wore that amazing green dress on their first date and it just happened to be his favorite color – it’s the deep resounding feeling that you know this person is someone you’ll spend forever with. Plain and simple.
Both Brittany and Adam had similar goals. Similar plans. Both enjoy order and a plan, so the plan was: Finish their MBAs, buy a house, get engaged, live happily ever after. So as the check marks slowly grew, they both knew the next step wasn’t far off.

On a day with no plans the two set off on an adventure.  “We’ll just look” she said.  And off they went to look at rings.  She saved the best one till last, and sadly – hated it.  He said “how about this one – I really like it”.  He knows her better than she knows herself sometimes, because sure enough – it was perfect.  They left the shop without picking out a stone, leaving Adam to do that when the time was right.  Perpetual planners want it all lined out and to know exactly when moments will happen so they are prepared and ready.  Well, sometimes you need a little twist of excitement, and on an average day – that was just what Brittany was about to get!  When Adam walked in Brittany was bustling about, preparing for his parents to come over for dinner.  With a million things going at once, she tended to his laundry – giving him trouble that he could step it up and do a much better job at his laundry.  When she turned the corner out of the laundry room with her arms filled with clothes he was down on one knee and said “Maybe this will make you happy!”.  She screamed a little and dropped to her knees with him and there in the hallway of their home they laughed and cried and checked one more item off their list.

Brittany & Adam’s next item to check off will come next fall!  Stay tuned!!

A special thanks to Brittany & Adam for enduring the gale force winds and unforeseen downpour during their session.  Despite a few obstacles we are in love with the images your session resulted and hope you do too!!

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Brittany S - Karin and Roger ~ I am in love with all of the photos!! Can’t wait to see them all and for the BIG DAY!! Thank you guys so much for capturing us so perfectly!

Brittany S - I can’t even describe how happy I am!!! Thank you guys for capturing us so perfectly!!

Deb Schrage - Every Mothers DREAM!!!!!!!!!

Janet Baldwin - Great photos, but they would be since Adam & Brittany are such a cute couple.

Grandma & Grandpa Salazar - You guys look just like we remembered you the last time we saw you. We are more than proud of you both and can’t wait until the big day finally arrives. The pictures are awesome you are more beautiful than ever, my pumpkin. All our love!!!!!!!!!

Tara R - I love all of these pictures!!! Congrats to you two 🙂

Ben Davinroy - Adam and Brittany … great pictures. I can’t wait until the big day!

Sharon Davinroy - Great pics….Great colors…Great plans…
Now I am going to have a daughter!!

Ben Davinroy - Adam & Brittany Great pictures. I can’t wait for the big day.

Sharon Davinroy - great pics, great colors, great plans.
Now I am getting a daughter.

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