Bridal Shows

The Gateway Center Bridal Show was fun as usual.  I always enjoy bridal shows because – let’s face it – being a bride is pretty darn awesome.  And a entire venue celebrating brides and their awesomeness – well it just doesn’t get much better.  (Due to the overwhelming estrogen in the room – Roger’s opinion may not be the same as mine)

There are 3 things I like best about these shows

1. Interacting with brides that are PUMPED to be getting married.

2. Meeting new friends.

and 3. People watching  (and if you want some stories – contact me)

I never know what to think after a show – if it was worth all the work/stress and if buying Roger and I matching outfits was ultimately worth the outcome.  I felt like what we mainly did was turn interested people down, because…

yes indeed this is a formal announcement that we are completely full for weddings in 2010.  Yes, this makes me happy – BUT I know that we are going to miss out on meeting a TON of incredible people.  We have a great 2010 lined up with wonderful clients that I can wait to know better and fall in love with, but I have this problem with falling in love with everyone and hating to not be a part of their day as well!  There are great people out there that can help them though, so shoot me an email if you need those people’s names!

So here is some pics from last night and our booth.  We did it a little different this year and are still fine tuning it.  We will be doing one more show on Jan. 31st at the Four Points Sheridan in Fairview Heights IL.  I hope to see some familiar faces there and some new ones!

DISCLAIMER – These photos were taken with a little point and shoot camera that is craptastic so please ignore the quality and the greenish cast – we really don’t have green hair, I assure you.


This guy here had his eye on me all night.  At the end of the show we got to be friends.  See – Bridal Shows… bringing friendships together.  It’s heartwarming really.


He’s incredibly handsome.  I didn’t tell Roger, but I think he is into me.  I’m just sayin.

Thanks to everyone who came by and visited last night!  It was great meeting with new people and reconnecting with others!  Hope to see you at the next show!

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Ashley Bywater - You crack me up! And that’s both awesome/crazy that you guys are full for 2010…good for us though! Less than 6 months until FL! 🙂

Brit - Your booth looked great, even if you took the pics with a little point and shoot.

I’m so with you on the people watching – that alone is worth it, haha! Although, I hope you got a lot of inquiries for the coming year!

Amanda Zika - Oh I love it!!!! It looks like you guys had so much fun and I love the booth. Where there a lot of photogs there?

P.S. In case you couldn’t tell – he is so into you!

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