Brenna O. {Senior Photos}

Brenna is one of our beautiful assistants and the sweetest thing you ever did meet.  I’ve known B~ a few years now and feel like I’m responsible for her – as if she’s mine.  When we are at weddings wither her I always keep an eye on her to make sure she’s OK.  She’s cold alot, so I’m always naggin at Rog to turn the heat up in the car, and she’s a little shy so I’m always making sure the guys aren’t hitting on her too much.  And that’s a big job because Brenna is beautiful.  People comment on it every time she works with us.  And many times I’ve had to let guys know her age and then give them “the look” like a mother hen would.  It must be apparent how much I adore her because quite often I would get asked if she was my daughter.  A. – We don’t look alike and B. I didn’t give birth at 16, so it must be the way I look at her with pride.  (Because it’s NOT because I’m bossy no matter what Roger says.)

B~ if you could see me now – you’d see me beaming with pride looking at your photos.  You are truly beautiful inside and out.
















Brenna – I hope your senior year is wonderful.  I know you will achieve everything in life that you set your mind to.  I look forward to watching you make your dreams come true!  You are an amazing young lady and we’ve been more than fortunate to not only have your help in the past – but your friendship.  Best wishes sweetness!

All Brenna’s photos will be up Wednesday!

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T Bran - She is a D O double L – DOLL!

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