Bre & Brett {engaged}

Brett and Breann attended the same high school, and although they never had the opportunity to meet, both remember seeing one another from time to time and knew each other’s names. Several years later, they saw each other a few more times, recognized each other, but never really spoke or interacted. Eventually they had the opportunity to properly introduce themselves and get to know one another.  Once they met, it instantly seemed like they had always been destined to be with one another and were a perfect fit.  All the missed opportunities to meet were actually meant to happen, because now the timing was perfect.  From this day on, they both felt as if they had been together all their lives and became best friends. Everyday, they feel their relationship is brand new and that they will never have enough time to be together. When it takes you a little longer to find the perfect person for you, once you do, you never want to let them go and every moment is precious.

A year into the relationship, Brett proposed on the day after Valentine’s Day, on a quiet evening at home.  It would have been obvious to propose on Valentine’s Day, so he chose to do it on a day that was completely unexpected.  Simple, honest, and intimate, the proposal was absolutely perfect.

Brett and Breann look forward to the beginning of their beautiful life together next May at the gorgeous Latzer Homestead surrounded by family and friends.  Enjoy a few of our favorites from their beautiful engagement session!!

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