Brandie & Steve {Wedding Day}

Brandie & Steve got married on a rainy Saturday on Labor Day weekend (and as the previous post mentioned it was also my birthday).  In an earlier conversation I went ahead and mentioned to Brandie that it never rains on my birthday.  So – in full jinx form – it was pouring.  But Brandie and Steve did not care about the damp weather – they only cared that it was their day – rain clouds or not.  Their spirits were high enough to add their own sunshine and their tropical theme was fun an laid back.  It was all enough to make you forget what was happening outside, and marvel at what was going on inside!  Something warm and beautiful.


Brandie is SO gorgeous.  She has so much natural beauty and when she smiles the room lights up.


Steve is very pretty as well.  He doesn’t even have to try to look good in photos.  He stands there – and whalla, you’ve got a great photo.  Way to rock it Steve.03041312

The ceremony took place in an amazing little chapel on Blackburn Campus in Carlinville IL.  It is one of the most beautiful little church/chapels you could ever find.050807

My amazing assistant and friend Dawn got the birds eye view!  It happens to be one of my favorite shots of the day!09

We had to get pretty creative within the small confines of Clegg Chapel thanks to Mother Nature.  But low and behold – Brandie and Steve worked it out and provided us with some awesome shots!


and where else would we go on a rainy day to get some outdoor shots?  This smokin hot tunnel of course.  You know I don’t need an excuse like rain to go here for photographs, but look how versatile it is rain or shine!


They planned a very casual reception at the Bates Building on Macoupin County Fairgrounds.  It was SUCH a cool venue for a reception.  I loved the relaxed down home vibe.



Brandie and Steve – there is nowhere else I would want to be on this years birthday than at your wedding.  I loved every moment of the day, even the rainy parts!  Your wedding was so fun and unique, and I think everyone there enjoyed watching two best friends commit to one another.  Everything about your day was comfortable and felt like home.  I hope that the two of you stay as laid back as you were on your wedding day, and I know you will stay madly in love – and will only grow more as your journey together continues.

Best wishes!

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Amanda Zika - Yay! I love this wedding! The colors are amazing, the bride and groom are hot and the photography is FABULOUS! Best wishes to the new couple and happy birthday to my favorite photographer 🙂

Betty Scheldt - Brandie and Steve’s wedding pictures are excellent! I’m Brandie’s aunt and I’m so proud of her anyway, but these pictures make her look even more beautiful! And Steve is the perfect compliment to her! Such a model perfect couple! Excellent job on the pictures; so creative!

Dawn Devall - These are GREAT! They were a beautiful couple to photograph!!! It was such a rainy day, you would never know looking at these:)

T Bran - Wow! I loved all of these shots…..this has to be one of my fav’s – they just looked so relaxed and a gorgeous day for them – I love me some back of the dress shots at the windows….and my favorite of him was in the pew at the church – fabulous job Karin and company…..keep it up.

clary - Rock on IL!! Love these wedding shots…the tunnel ones are the best:)

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