Boudoir Marathon

I heard you throw down your Christmas cookie in disgust!  Yes, I know it’s a little rude to mention photos in your skimpies during an all out eating bonanza, but before you go putting me on the naughty list consider this… we’re talking mid January.  Just think – if you screw up and get him the wrong gift for Christmas, you’re going to redeem yourself for Valentine’s Day for sure!

We are only taking a select number of appointments, so don’t delay on contacting.  For more details and a little nudge to throw caution to the wind and book this once in a lifetime session… watch this!

Let’s discuss the excuses why you can’t do this session so you realize you CAN…

#1 – I don’t have the body for a session like this.

Give me a break.  First off – you will be put into positions that flatter your body best.  Second – do you think for one milli-second that your boyfriend/husband/fiance/lover is going to turn away from the photos in disgust?  You are wearing barely any clothes in photos for him – he might as well of just won the lottery.  Thirdly – EVERYONE has the body for this type of session.  PERIOD.

#2 – I’m just not sexy.  This type of session is not something I can picture myself doing.

If Hugh Hefner and I had a dollar for every time we’ve heard that statement!  Guess what – everyone says that.  You’ll start off feeling weird about the whole thing and leave wondering what the big deal was and encourage all your friends to do a boudoir session so they can feel as amazing as you do!

#3 – It’s winter… I’m not tan enough.

Newsflash – they have spray tans now that give you a perfectly safe, non-orangy glow.  Or – you can always rock the color the good Lord gave ya – trust me when I say that you can be too tan way easier than too pale for photos.  As far as winter goes – we’ll be doing the shoot indoors silly!

#4 – What if these photos got out?  I wouldn’t want anyone except my fiance/husband/boyfriend/lover to see them.

No worries.  Your photos go on a password protected photo hosting site so the only people who see the photos are you, me, and whoever you decide to share them with.

#5 – I don’t even have anything to wear for this type of session.

Luckily Christmas is right around the corner, so you COULD ask for something for Christmas.  I am sure your significant other wouldn’t mind if you added it to your list.  You can also get a little creative… grab one of his button down shirts and a tie – guys LOVE that.  Every sensible girl should have a push up bra.  Whammo – you have an outfit!  Does he have a favorite sports team?  Maybe a jersey or a t-shirt?  Some people choose to wear their birthday outfit.   I will tastefully and carefully make sure you look your best in whatever you choose to wear or not wear.  No matter what – finding something is very easy.  Look at these cute ideas from Victoria’s Secret and Customized Girl!

Now that you are ready to ditch the excuses and book your session – contact me for further details.  I cannot WAIT to show you your inner super model that’s been dying to make an appearance!

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Ashley Gwin - Everyone should do this!! 🙂

Carly - Your man is going to LOVE this! Starry Eyed Studions is awesome to work with and a photo session like this will make you feel so great!

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