boudoir |ˈboōˌdwär|   a woman’s bedroom or private room.

So what in the heck are boudoir photos?  Photos of your bedroom?  Not quite.  This type of photography in my definition is super sexy shots of a bride to be, or a wife, or a female of any age who wants to document how hot they are at a particular point in their life.  Typically they do these photos as a gift for a husband, fiance, boyfriend – or perhaps even for someone who you WANT to have as your boyfriend.  How much fun is it to take a day to celebrate your hottness and inner model?  Everyone – yes even you  – has an inner model and can be JUST as sexy as any of the girls in magazines.  Even though you may think it would be embarrassing it is one of the most confidence boosting sessions I’ve ever photographed.  And even though you’ll say “I never imagined I’d do this” (they all say that!) you’ll also say that is was one of your greatest memories and that you loved every minute of it.  And the gentleman you are likely doing these photos for – will swear it is the best gift you’ve ever given him.

You’ve never heard me mention these type of photos on this blog and I can’t believe I haven’t advertised this service better.  For a girl who dreams of shooting for fashion magazines – this type of photography is right up my alley.  I have so much fun creating concepts and poses and there is no better feeling than showing someone just how gorgeous they are!

A couple of details about how it works…

Typically I do these sessions at my home.  We live in the boonies with no neighbors and Roger and my son are kicked to the curb the day of your session.  It’s just you, me, and trees.  I have a variety of different set ups we can use and alot of options.  Many photographers do these shoots in either a hotel room or a studio – luckily by doing them at my home we have the benefits of both all in one.  There is no time limit or limit to the number of “outfits”.  Because you are coming to me and I do not have to rent a hotel room there is no session fee – just a $300 minimum order requirement.  Most girls opt to get a mini accordion album (to slip in their fiance’s coat pocket on the day of their wedding) and the disc with all the photos.  Some girls also do a full album.  (As hot as they turn out I wouldn’t blame anyone for using them for your Christmas cards!)  And what you receive is the hottest photos you’ve ever had taken in your life and proof when you are 80 that you were a fox in your day!

For more information on this type of session please contact me!  And for some visual eye candy – watch the slideshow below.

(This is where I am supposed to say that the photos on this slideshow could possibly be deemed objectionable to some people and should likely not be watched in a place of business or with young children around.  Or – if you have a problem with sexy people – don’t watch this.  The images included on this slideshow are private in nature.  Thankfully the beautiful women in these photos have given consent to use some of their images to encourage others to reward themselves with the same amazing experience.)

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carly - love love love your work! You were so much fun to work with! Ladies- I highly recommend doing this and doing it with Karin at Starry Eyed Studios- it is well worth it!

Emily W. - Hot Damn!

Ashley Gwin - 🙂

Amanda Zika - I love shooting boudior sessions! They are so much fun 🙂 Ladies, if you are reading this post- schedule those sessions now! Karin rocks!

Laura - OMG! I love these pics and I totally want to do this. How fun!

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