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I love me some blog comments.  And today, I have gotten 42 of them.  And yesterday, 66.  If these were legit comments I’d feel like a rock star.  But they aren’t.  They are gibberish comments that mean nothing and talk about pharmaceuticals and gambling, and sometimes when they are feeling really sassy – male enhancement.  Scandalous, I know.  So while I enjoy getting all these comments, I’d prefer them to be comments about the photos not about “Not be surprised, whites female lab?Worst of the, If your thoughts.Possible vacant these, all hair loss.Badling Wall I XBox 360 Red Light Fix Guide, baking varieties of giving you tension.Right foot as, And in an”


Can anyone out there in the cyber world tell me how to stop this?  If you know of a way to make this stop happening, please leave me a comment – not one about drugs, Texas hold’em, or your body parts – just one about how to make this annoyance go away.

And just to add a photo to this post for fun –

I never really realized what I look like when I’m completely annoyed.  However Roger – God love’m, snapped this award winning shot when I couldn’t get in our hotel room on vacation.  Clearly I wanted him to stop annoying me as well.  So to all you spam blog comment writers… this ones for you!IMG_2383

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