Billboard Material

A photo we took about a year ago is on a billboard and if I said we weren’t pumped – it’d be a big ‘ol lie.  Because – yeah, we’re geeks.  Smack dab in East St.Louis is where the billboard has residence.  You can view it when traveling east bound on 55/40 coming from downtown St.Louis and if your like me – you’ll almost wreck your car with excitement!!

My lovely body guard Rog took me down to this sketchy lil area to get the photo op. of a lifetime.  Lindsey K. – you were with us in spirit!  And I promise you – you look just as good 24 foot tall as you do in real life!!  Thanks for being billboard material!~

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John Gaughan - J. Gaughan Photography - Congratulations! That is really awesome. So very cool…you must be so proud. Good job, and great shot!

clary - I drive 55 regularly and will keep my eyes out the next time. So exciting!!

Dawn - that’s because you’re the bomb!!!

Janelle Kuhn - Was driving home from the Sugarland concert last night and saw the billboard. It looks even better in real life!! Awesome job guys.

Joanna - I seen this billboard and thought “hey I think that is one of Karin’s pictures!!!” So congrats!!! That is very exciting!!

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