Becky & Lance {Wedding Day}

Lance and Becky have known one another since they were children.  And the depth of this shows.  They are grounded by one another, and feel safe with each other by their sides.  It’s in the way they look at each other, it’s in the way they tease, it’s the way they are.  And – I just have to mention – one of they things they are – is NICE.  Nice, polite, and adorable.  YAY Becky and Lance for being pure awesomeness.



It’s so nice doing weddings and meeting people who share the same likes and interests as you…


Hi, I’m Becky and I’m really really cute.  (I love the look she has here – it speaks volumes)


Hi, I’m Lance and I am super fabulous and very GQ.  Don’t hate me because I am so handsome.


I’ll admit it – I don’t have the wish for more children.  Plenty of friends ooo and ahh over babies and wish for 10 more.  Me – not so much.  But on this day – these children – I tried to figure out how to get them in my camera bag and take them home with me.  They are the cutest children I think I’ve ever seen.  Something about them made my heart swoon.


So it’s a common joke I make.  It’s the last usher when there’s an odd number of them.  I humorously make the suggestion “How about you just lay across the front”?  I’ve actually had some people get defensive with me as if what I just said wasn’t funny (which let’s face it – it’s funny).  But THIS day – my new bff actually did it – and even “went with it” if you will.  I heart him.


This church is AMAzING!


Work it out Becky and Lance.  Work.  It.  Out.


It rained almost the entire day of their wedding – although my weather man friends told me it wouldn’t.  But despite the wetness – these two brought the hotness.


So just so you know – Lance can sing.  He can sing sing.  And he and this group of fine background singers suprised Becky and sang to her at the reception.  Yes, SANG TO HER.  And were awesome!  It was unforgettable.  (PS – Lance, I should have been one of the background singers.  I sing ALL the time.  Maybe not on pitch or anything, but I add ALOT of flava by incorporating dance moves with the singing.  Think about it for your next gig)


Becky and Lance – we had a great time watching the two of you start your life together and capturing the moments of your day.  You two are an amazing couple and you both have so much to be thankful for.  Congrats!

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Amanda Zika - You photographed a real fairy tale wedding! The church, the colors, the decorations and the groom singing to the bride! It doesn’t get more romantic than this! And you did it flawlessly as always! Congrats to the bride and groom!

T Bran - Gorgeous couple – gorgeous wedding – gorgeous photos. My FAV would have to be her sitting down with her hand around his leg – and love, love, love the shoe shot!

Sarah - Your new BFF is my little brother! You should have stayed for more of the reception, he’s also a crazy dancer!

Dawn Devall - They turned out fantastic! The colors that day were AMAZING! What a cute couple:)

Luanne Stewart - Lance and Becky,
I LOVE the pictures.. It was absolutely beautiful. I really appreciate it and wish I could have been there. The colors are just fabulous, I love the dresses and tuxes and you both look
so in love and fabulous!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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