Becky Huffman Flowers and The Aerialist Press {Wedding Professional Spotlight}

Becky Huffman is one of our favorite people to work with.  When we know that Becky is doing the flowers and the reception decor… we know it’s going to be a day of visual eye candy.  She is amazing in a plethora of ways, but the top 3 reasons for me personally are that 1. She is sweet as the day is long.  You can’t meet Becky for 30 nano seconds and not love her.  I don’t know her parents, but they need some sort of medal for raising such an incredible individual.  2. She is so talented and creative. Her arrangements are far beyond just your typical bouquets, and they are quality.  Some flowers look just awful by the end of the day, but Becky’s work can still be photographed at the Reception and look like they did that morning.  It’s very difficult to find the creativity and quality that she ensures.  3. She makes us look good.  When there are great details that photograph nicely – we get to showcase that and it makes our job way easier.

Here are some more images from Brice & Jenny’s wedding day to prove how having a top of the line florist like Becky can really rock your world!

One other thing I like… I’m sort of crazy when it comes to pinning a boutonniere correctly.  A pin Nazi I suppose.  And Becky gets and A+ for her keen pinning skills.  She’s even better at it than me… though I may not ever admit that in public.

I know not all churches allow petals to be tossed upon exiting the church… but boy was it gorgeous.

There were extra petals that Becky let us take in between and THANK GOODNESS we did because it turned good photos into great ones!

Our foot models for so many of our marketing pieces.  (Jenny would like to announce that she is available for foot modeling if you are interested.)

So as if that all wasn’t enough – you get to the reception and you are blown away… again.

And finally as proof… a bouquet at the end of the night.  Booya!  Still fantastic.

We are proud to sing Becky’s praises to anyone who will listen, but really – go check her out for yourself.  You’ll see why she is so amazing!!

A little more amazingness comes courtesy of Jenny & Brice’s invitations.  As I said in the last post about wedding professionals, your invitation is the first impression of your wedding day.  So when I first laid eyes on their invite… I literally jumped up and down.  You rarely see a letterpressed invitation first of all, but the way it was packaged and the quality of printing, and the vibrant colors… swoon.  My heart melted.

When Jenny let me know where I could find the awesome company who did the invites it was love at first blog stalk.  Their website, blog, and about us page… ADORABLE.  Like can I just be you for a day and marvel at myself? adorable.  This amazingness comes from a husband and wife team (yay married business owners!!) and are fabulous.  If they lived in the midwest I’d make them be my friend.

So wether you are looking for invitations for a party or a wedding – or if you just want to see ooey gooey cuteness, check out the work of The Aerialist Press!!!

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Carla J. - YAY! I love this!

Alexandra // The Aerialist Press - Thank you for the awesome spotlight! Jenny truly is one of the kindest and most *delightful* brides we have worked with. AND she had great style! You did an insanely gorgeous job of capturing their day!

xox, A

P.S. Even though we are in CA let’s be friends 😉

Julie - I love letter pressed invites! They are so classic! Love all the photos.

karin - Alexandra… I heart my new California friend!!! (Mentally singing Katy Perry’s California Girls and envisioning us riding around in a convertible laughing and singing.) We were honored to showcase your work! I’ll be stalking your site often and a fan for life!! YOU ROCK!!!

Jenny Donnelly - Let’s just call the day a TRIFECTA! TenSixteen, Becky Huffman and Aerialist Press! Does it get any better?? Thank you ALL for helping make our day absolutely perfect! I was never one of those girls that always dreamed about my wedding day, but now I am! Ooh la la. And not only are each of these awesome wedding vendors putting out great, fantastic, beautiful products, but they’re all sweet, accommodating, creative, smart and helpful!

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