Barb & Jon {Wedding Day}

Barb and Jon are those people that you meet and like instantly.  They are charming and lovable right from the start.  Their endearing personalities and endless great qualities immediately win you over, and you spend the rest of the time just feeling happier because you are around them.  The other thing you should know is that Barb and Jon are amazingly… tall.  When Roger packed our equipment he checked that we had my step ladder 3 times.  But not only are they tall – pretty much their entire wedding party was tall.  And their families.  So I worked all day from my trusty ladder – and I have to tell ya – the world is really pretty up there!  Especially when you have such lovely, gorgeous, fun people in front of you!

Enjoy Barb & Jon’s Wedding Day!Seriously blue skies and warm sunshine…  at least for now.

I loved the royal blue dresses with the bright green flowers!  Everything just popped and looked so classic.Oh my goodness Barb.  I knew you were gorgeous.  I knew how your smile radiates and lights up a room.  But I had NO idea that on your wedding day you would be one of the most gorgeous brides ever in history and that you would be the definition of “glowing”.  You.  Are.  Stunning.And Jon – you are handsome even when I am looking straight up your nose because I’m so much shorter than you.  But in that gray tux on your wedding day, looking at you straight on while on a ladder, or watching you laugh with friends and family across the church – you had it going on.  Way to work it out Jon. In addition to Jon, Barb has the love of 3 men who think she is the world – her brothers.  Married!Oh, you know.  Just another day spent with super models.If you are going to have  a big wedding party – they should be as gorgeous, cooperative, and fun as this group!  LOVED THEM!

The gorgeous blue skies started changing after the ceremony was over, and thick clouds starting slowly creeping in and giving way to an ominous sky.  We grabbed my ladder and worked quickly so these beauties didn’t get poured on!

And we faked out Mother Nature.  We no longer got into our car and Barb and Jon in their bus and the sky dropped buckets of rain.  In your face Mother Nature.

Barb and Jon, you rock our worlds.  We knew right away we would like you, and that photo with the headless statues would have been enough – but watching you on your wedding day.  Seeing you so in love with one another, seeing the way you care for your families, and love your friends.  The way everyone adores you and genuinely feel happier because they are near you.  Your respect for one another and for others.  It all adds up to the pleasure of knowing you, and we could not be more thankful for that opportunity.

We wish you a lifetime of happiness!!!!

There were a zillion more photos from Barb & Jon’s wedding that were amazing, so check out a few on their slideshow!!

And in case you thought I was exaggerating on our height difference and my ladder… the proof

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Emily Dobson - One word: phenomenal. Seriously… not one photo I didn’t love! They’re all gorgeous! And what a fun gorgeous couple!!!

Lindsay (Kuehn) Carr - I absolutely loved all of the pictures! Barb, your dress was beautiful! I especially loved the pics with the old grain bin….how rustic and unique!

Beth Ruckwardt - Loved them all! And the little comments from the photographer were cute! Congrats!

Patti Murray - Barb you were absolutely beautiful. I loved the pictures and wish you and Jon a happy life together.

Michelle O'Leary - What beautiful pictures from a such a beautiful wedding! Barb, you were breathtaking. Congratulations!

Carolyn Wesselmann - Absolutely amazing pictures! They truly capture the love and joy. Outstanding!

Emily Henke - Loved every single picture! Barb, you were gorgeous as always! Love you guys!

Andrea Mouser - The pictures are fantastic! You were such a beautiful bride! Congrats!

Krissy Schneider - Love all of the pics!

Jeremy Vasquez - Cool Pics!!!

Nikki Radake - Absolutely gorgeous!! The beauty of the day was captured in all of the photos!! What great memories you will always have to look back at!

Lynda Ciaruffoli - The pictures turned out great!!!

Danielle Mazander - Rog & Kar – another fabulous job!! I never get tired of looking at your images – just gorgeous! And Barb & Jon — you guys are beautiful, both inside and out! You couldn’t have been more glowing on your wedding day! Everything looked perfect 🙂

Karen Wesselmann - Dear Karen & Roger.

Words can not express how amazing a job you did for Barb & Jon. You captured every expression with Jon & Barb. Everyone can see just how in love they are. Ican’t wait to see the family pictures in church. I hope you have the one of Barb on the steps in church with her back & her turning her head. I think that will be stunning. Thanks for saying so many kind & wonderful things about them. They are an amazing couple, and so glad they found each other. I really loved the pictures with her brothers, they do love her very much.Their Dad’s would be so proud.

Marianna Romine - The pictures are fabulous!!! What a wonderful day you had. So glad I was able to be a part of your happiness. Love You both. Mare

Brittany Wolf - I absolutely loved all the pictures! They were amazing! Barb you looked absolutely gorgeous in every picture!

Nicci Johnson - The pictures are amazing…beautiful couple! The photographer is not only great with pics but words too! Thank you for letting Aaron and I share your special day with you! Congrats!

Skip, Holly & Rachel - Sometimes photos don’t truly capture the beauty of a wedding! These absolutely do! AMAZING!!! How can you possibly choose a favorite? They’re ALL great!

So glad we got to be there with you! Congratulations again!

Ruth Fritz - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful young couple

Jessi Whitworth - I’m sure you two were a photographer’s dream…both beautiful and photogenic. The photos capture such love between you two. I love all of them!!

Deb Heck - Pictures were absolutely beautiful and it’s obvious how happy you are. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness! God bless you both.

Megan Von Bokel - Great pictures Barb!!!! You look amazing!

Catie Beykirch - The pictures are gorgeous!! What a great day it was! <3

Amy Miller - B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L photos of a beautiful love story!!

Terry - Gorgeous pictures, both subject matter and the photography. You all look so in love! Just melts my heart!!!!

Sharen O'Leary - these pictures are excelent. where are the red doors. beautiful wedding ,day stayed nice until we were headed for reception so what more can we get. George was smiling down on the family.

Debbie Young - These photos of the wedding are awesome. The bridal party photo should be published in a wedding magazine.

Barbara Wolf - Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments! And to Karin and Roger, you did an absolute fantastic job….we clearly picked the right photographer to capture all the special moments of our day. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and have enjoyed every minute spent with you!
Barb & Jon

Nicole Heberer - What awesome memories you will have from these photos forever! They are all beautiful and truly reflects the couple and day! We wish you a lifetime full of love and happiness together!

Cathy Battas - Such beautiful pictures! What a great day!

Ellen Green - Absolutely beautiful!

corina - Loved every picture!! What great memories you will have forever! 🙂

Misti Rohde - Your wedding photos are truly amazing, very beautiful. Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness.

Ashley Battas - Stunning….each one more so than the next. Barb, you are gorgeous.

Casey Seibert - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! All these pictures are so awesome. Good luck trying to narrow it down … haha!

Lisa Cahill - All the pictures are absolutely AMAZING! They definitely capture the love shared between two beautiful people. It really was the PERFECT day!!!

Jamie Stein - Jon & Barb~
Good luck choosing your pictures~they are all amazing! 🙂

Regina Offermann - Absolutely Amazing Pics!!!
One of my favorites is the pic of your bouquet with you and your dad…OMG~tear!!
You are such a beautiful lady and these pictures show it! You could be a model.
Many years of happiness for you and Jon 🙂

Amanda Zika - Barb not only is beautiful on the inside but also beautiful on the outside. And I do agree Karin that she is one of the most stunning bride’s ever! Girl, you rocked this wedding and that stepladder!

Mollie Bergmann - love, Love, LOVE the pictures!!! They turned out absolutely phenomenal!!! Congrats again!!!

Mollie Bergmann - love, Love, LOVE the pictures!!! They turned out absolutely phenomenal!!! Got a little choked up (again) looking at them! Congrats again!!!

Sandra Holder - BEAUTIFUL! I love the pictures! So creative. I love the couple even more though!

Kathy Pierce - Such beautiful picture!!! You guys look lovely. Congrats

Laura Ringler - Absolutely loved all the pictures!!! Barb you are beautiful. Jon welcome to the family. So glad I could have been a part of your perfect day. Love you both 🙂

Kelly Norwood - Great photographs!

Wayne Forsythe - Great pictures!

Karen - Breath-taking photos….and what a beautiful couple!! Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Emily Hackstadt - You two are absolutely perfect for each other. You had a perfect wedding and your pictures prove that. You both inspire me. Love you both.

Stacey Thorsten - Beautiful photos!!!! Absolutely love them all!! Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness!

Jennifer Mata - 50!!! Stunning!!! Absolutely stunning!!!

Alison - Awesome as usual, Karin! Looking beautiful as usual, Barb 🙂 Love that last pic too!

Marie Davis - Barb, you are a stunningly gorgeous bride and your pictures are amazing! Love the colors you chose, so elegant. May you both have a lifetime of love and happiness together!!

Kathy Dyher - Absolutely beautiful photos…..with absolutely beautiful people!!!

Patrick Wesselmann - What a beautiful wedding you guys. I am so happy for both of you. I really liked the contrast on this picture of you two next to the old mill in town. Really cool shot.

Jan Wissbaum - The wedding shots were beautiful – how could they not be – what a glowing bride and groom. Looks like everyone had a wonderful fun day. Congratulations to you Barb – I wish you many, many years of happiness!

Lynn Wisner - What great photos! You both look fantastic! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

Deb Auld - Beautiful!! Barb you looked absolutely stunning at the wedding and the pictures truly captured the moment. I could say the photographer had it easy with you two. Enjoy, remember life and love are so precious.

Chelsea - Absolutely Beautiful. <3

christina frierdich - I love the pictures! You are absolutely beautiful!

Pat Fletcher - Barbie, you are beautiful…..and such a handsome groom!! May your life be as lovely as you are.

Pat and Jim

Sharon Fournie - Amazing pictures! Great wedding! We had a wonderful time. We are glad you included us in your special day.

Gerry Murphy - Congratulations Barb and Jon I wish you both many years of love and happiness. Barb miss you here at the office (Essex), hope to see you soon.

Casey Biancur - Amazing pics!!!

Jen K - OMG! I love these pics so much! Barb, you’re going to have a super tough (SUUUPER TOUGH!) time choosing!

Fredo - Thanks for sharing such wonderful pics! Congratz!

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