Barb & Jon {engaged}

They talked about marriage long before they were engaged.  The big things like homes, kids, and goals were often discussed, and the longer Jon waited the more he knew he needed to make the next step.  He came up with a million different plans, but none of them we attainable, so he decided to give her something that she would be able to have forever.  He wrote down all of his feelings for her in a letter and decided he would give it to her and then propose.  That Saturday morning after making some small talk, Jon handed Barb the letter and walked out of the room.  The letter encompassed so many things they’d been through and all his feelings, and at the end it read “Let’s make this FOREVER!” and with that, Jon was down on one knee with a ring.  He knows she actually didn’t make it to the end of the letter, that she knew what was coming but now she has something to reflect on as the years pass to remember how life was the day they got engaged.
Barb and Jon are looking forward to their wedding next March.  Jon as usual has been a huge help with the process and been there for every step.   They’ve endured planning together without any disagreements.  EXCEPT for registering for gifts – apparently Jon likes to go a little crazy with the clicker.  With books like “How to Make 500 cocktails”… who could blame him!
Enjoy Barn and Jon’s engagement photos!  We can’t wait to watch you make this forever…

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Janelle - Super awesome pictures!! Karin and Rog definitely worked their magic yet again. Barb you look beautiful as always and Jon doesn’t look to bad either 🙂

Barb - Thanks Janelle! They did an amazing job!

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