Aubrey & Alex {engaged}

To say it was fireworks right from the start would be… partly true.  Officially the first time they crossed paths she didn’t even notice him.  But he definitely noticed her!  On the way to watch the fireworks Alex shouted “Shot gun” and got into Aubrey’s cousin’s car.  She couldn’t figure this forward guy out, but by the time the fireworks show started, so did a little bit of interest!  They quickly became best friends, and eventually fell in love.

Aubrey loves to camp, so Alex had it all planned out for the Memorial Day camping trip they’d scheduled.  He was cool as a cucumber the entree weekend.  She had NO idea he had anything up his sleeve.  But all of a sudden – things got really weird, really quick.  Aubrey was beginning to clean up the camper, and Alex said he was going to head up to the restrooms.  He got into his truck, but came right back in.  When she asked what he was up to, he said “I love you”, and hugged her.  She didn’t think it was odd until he KEPT telling her he loved her and KEPT hugging her.  He started to freak her out a bit, so Aubrey decided to leave the camper.  In a panic, he grabbed a bottle of 409 cleaning spray and sprayer her in the leg to get her to stop.  In absolute shock, and under the assumption her boyfriend had officially gone crazy, she laughed in disbelief and asked him what he’d done that for.  “I don’t know” Alex replied.  But when she was ready to walk out of the camper once again he stopped her.  Staring at him impatiently, she watched him get down on one knee.  She can’t remember what was said, but she remembers not believing he was actually proposing.  With tears in both of their eyes he pulled out a diamond ring and asked her to be his wife.  And right there in that camper, she said yes!!!

The couple are planning a wedding this September in Springfield IL!!!  Enjoy a few of their engagement photos!!!

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Aubrey - I love them! The pictures turned out amazing. You guys are the best!

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