Ashley & Dustin {Wedding Day}

I’ve been getting to know Ashley for over a year now.  We’ve talked about everything from cookie recipes to the fact that winter coats make her feel like Ralphie from A Christmas Story.  Yes, we’ve talked about it all.  So to see she and Dustin’s day finally get here was surreal.  I knew from all of our talks that the day was going to be fantastic, but I had no idea it would be THIS good.  Enjoy Ashley & Dustin’s wedding.



They had some AMAZING flowers.  These were fall yet timeless.03

Ashley – you are so gorgeous.  Our assistant Dawn and Roger kept saying how much you looked like Britney Spears – sans the head shaving wacko melt down and pre K-Fed weight gain.  But I think you are even prettier.  And classier.  And funnier.  She has nothing on you!604

Dustin is quiet and a little bit shy at first.  And he hates having his photo taken.  But Dustin… the camera loves you my friend!  Thanks for being such a trooper!07

Holla back squatters!  (Dustin, take notes.  I still cannot even believe that you feel you are “unable” to squat.  I’m going to talk with Ashley about getting you into Zumba)05

I love a church that looks like… a church.  The new churches with no windows make me sad.  This church is one of my faves!080910

Why yes, I do find this sexy. 1315141112

When we headed to a Clinton County drinking establishment (it’s Clinton County… that’s how they roll) I felt like something was missing… I felt like there was something more that I needed to do.  And then there, behind the dumpster – I found it and hurried Ashley & Dustin into position.  Wait for it… Don’t scroll yet.  Skies like these don’t happen often, so I knew we needed to take full advantage.  By the time we left it completely changed, but luckily we had our moment.  Alright – go ahead and look.161817

I have a few dozen or so more that I’m in love with.  You’ll have to wait until Thursday to see the rest.


If you’ve never seen the shoe game it is a treat!20

I have a belief that with a camera in hand I am above the law and un-injurable.  So if I ask you on your wedding day to stand in traffic at night… trust me.  I’m a professional.2123

Ashley & Dustin – here it is – the moment of truth.  Your scary dreams and Facebook posts telling your fears should cease.  This is hard core proof that on your wedding day… you rocked it.  Everything came together just as I knew it would.  Your families and friends, the wooly props, and the man in the welding mask all had an amazing time and won’t soon forget your happy love day.  I personally am forever thankful for knowing you and getting the opportunity to capture your day.  Congrats loves!

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Jillian - Holy Amazing Job! Ashley absolutely freaking gorgeous!! Will post more later… 🙂

Stephanie - You looked GORGEOUS!!! I love you guys to pieces and I love the way the pics turned out…CONGRATS!!!

Dawn Devall - I can actually say I photographed Brittney Spears wedding! Look a like……..def not a psycho like the really Brittney. This wedding was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Karin and Roger, you STILL continue to blow me away with AWESOMENESS!!

Ashley - Karin & Roger – words can’t even express how I feel about these pictures! I knew that you were an amazing photographer, but you & Roger(and Dawn) truly went beyond all my expectations. Thank you SO SO much for capturing such an amazing day for Dustin & myself….and for giving us something to look back at and remind us of the wonderful memories of that day! I can’t wait to see the rest….sheep, welding helmet, jail & all!

Amanda Zika - For the 100th time – this is my favorite wedding of yours EVER! I love all of the photos. You guys are so creative I don’t know how you think of half of these shots. They all rock and I love that sky! And she does remind me of Brittany but a lot more beautiful 🙂

Shannon - These pictures are amazing. You both look great. The ones behind the dumpster are great!!!!!

Dondi - THESE ARE AWESOME!!! She does look like Britney Spears! She is gorgeous. LOVE THE COLORS!!

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