Ashley & Brent {Engaged}

Simultaneously single, ready to date, and interested they met up at the same place at the same time. And right there it was… good timing. With smiles on both of their faces – it was evident this was going to go somewhere.
That’s the thing about timing. When it’s good you know you never want to lose a minute, so they planned a first date right away. He wouldn’t tell her what he had planned. Brent is a tough, manly farmer guy, so she had no idea what was in store.  Ashley was completely surprised when they showed up at Forest Park to go ice skating. He wanted a date she’d never forget, and it’s certainly what she got. “A cat on ice” is how Brent would describe his ice skating skills which meant they’d spend the entire evening laughing and happy. With so much in common everything just fell into place.
7 months later Brent took Ashley to get her some diamond stud earrings. While there they just happened to look at wedding rings, and just happened to love the same one. SO – they just happened to buy it, leaving it at the store to eventually pick out the center stone in the future. They made a pact not to tell anyone, and just keep it their secret. When the timing was right, they’d get engaged and announce it to everyone.
It was a Tuesday night and Ashley went to a Mary Kay party with Brent’s mom. He text her to let her know he was going to bed, and Ashely thought nothing of it. Until she opened the door to the house and saw the house completely dark with candles everywhere with post-it notes with sweet notes on them. She followed the candles to the bedroom where the ring box sat on the dresser. She called for him and from out of the dark he came to her, dropped on one knee, and asked her to be his wife.
Their friends will attest, Ashley and Brent are the perfect match for one another. Weaved from the same cloth, they fit perfectly. They cannot wait for their October wedding this year, and to smiling, laughing, and loving like crazy for the rest of time.
Enjoy Ashley & Brent’s engagement session!

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Ashley York - I Love them! You guys are amazing! Can’t wait til October! =)

Carissa Hibbert - Awww I love the story and the pictures 🙂 They fit you well!

Amanda Zika - I love the story and the pictures too. Super gorgeous couple!

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