Ashley & Ben {Wedding Day}

As we awoke the next day I could hear it against the window.  I pulled back the shades and saw it… rain.  The stupid wet stuff the midwest has been laden with this spring.  I knew there would be some heart broken people who had envisioned sunshine and warmth, and instead were being given cold, wet, rain.  How appropriate that as I write this blog I look out my window at the same kind of day – heavy rain with rumbles of thunder and lighting.  Boooo!

Just like a marriage, you never know exactly what you are going to get.  Life is easy when your surrounded with warm sunshine, but the strength of a marriage is more apparent by how you weather the rain.  How you choose to make the most of the hard times, and how you stand strong together when life doesn’t always go how you’d hoped.  It’s taking what life gives you hand in hand and making the best of it.

Enjoy Ashley & Ben’s wedding day!

Oh 5ive * salon… you and your trendy building and your awesome attention for detail.  How I long for you to not be 4 hours away.  Davenport IA is SO lucky!!

We were prepared to find Ashley in shambles.  Maybe crying and cursing Mother Nature.  I thought for sure when I walked into the spa that I’d find her curled up in the fetal position screaming “WHY!!!  WHY ME!!???”  Only to walk into laughter, mimosas, and the buzz of excitement.  Ashley was throwing up a virtual middle finger to the weather and saying “I’m having a great day wether you like it or not!!!”  So let’s get the party started…

Um, yeah.  Crazy, insanely, breathtakingly gorgeous.  Ashley – you GLOWED on your wedding day.  XO

And Ben – you are easily one of the nicest people we know and you could not have looked more happy or handsome.  You are a rock star.

Yes, this is going to be an incredible, insanely good looking, baby making power house.  That is some amazing genes right there.

How cool is their church?  Very few times do we have an opportunity for so many great angles during a wedding.  And every angle was a good one because their ceremony was incredibly heartfelt and emotional.

Incase you didn’t realize how cute they are…

Sorry Mother Nature… round one goes to the bride and groom!

So, what could be better than a wedding reception underneath an awesome tent with a million white lights?  One that’s dry and inside.  The reception at the River Center was JAW DROPPING.  Quite possibly the coolest reception venue we’ve seen.

Backyard wedding feel in the big city?  Ashley – you nailed it!

This is the part where my heart skips a beat.  During dinner Roger whispers to me “I have an idea.  Do you think you can talk Ashley & Ben into going outside in the rain?”  Um… who wouldn’t want to go stand in the road in the pouring rain on their wedding day?  Yes, I’ll force them.  So after getting the OK from the couple, Roger coached me through what he wanted to do and we set the entire thing up on dry land first.  When we got out into the weather we had to work quickly, so he wanted to make sure I had it down pat before we involved 4 people standing in the pouring rain.  We made a go for it, and this is where the magic happened.  Roger’s concept and my clicking the shutter certainly was a huge part of this shot coming off how he’d envisioned… but the true key to this shot was trust.  It’s two people trusting in our vision to leave their reception and go stand in the rain.  Lesson… trust your photographer when they ask you to do something wacky.  (Roger would like me to mention to always trust your husband’s ideas as well.  Cuz, yeah.  He nailed it.)

“… the strength of a marriage is more apparent by how you weather the rain.  How you choose to make the most of the hard times, and how you stand strong together when life doesn’t always go how you’d hoped.  It’s taking what life gives you hand in hand and making the best of it.”

Ashley & Ben – you two are beautiful inside and out.  Roger and I can’t thank you enough for bringing us to Davenport IA to celebrate your wedding with your families and friends.  You made us feel like family and the way you constantly made certain we were accommodated for touched us deeply.  Thank you for trusting us.  Your love is beautiful!

Can’t get enough?  Watch this gorgeous slideshow to see more of their day!!

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Dawn Devall - Karin, is it possible for you to get any better? I don’t think so!! You are the BEST there could EVEr be. You are amazing photographer- writer and person! And way to go Roger!!!!

Lisa - Holy Moly! All the photos are amazing, but the shots in the rain are JAW DROPPING. This wedding should be in Martha Stewart Weddings and the night rain shot should be ON THE COVER! I’m a HUGE fan for life!

Jessica - I’m not normally a blog commenter, but I had to take the time to say that you two are amazing. I think there are so many things that set your work apart from any other photographer’s work that I’ve ever seen. But the main thing I notice is your talent in telling a story. Most photogs don’t take the time to write such a heartfelt account of a day. But coupled with the images you walk away with a complete sense that you know the couple. I totally think your personalities and your body of work outshines anything I’ve ever seen locally and beyond. I look forward to each post!
(Guess I should’ve commented before – I wrote an entire book here!)

Mike B. - WOW. WOW. WOW.

Jessica Zobrist - Ummm, can I get married again? This time in the rain?

Amanda Zika - Okay, so this is my new fav wedding of yours. Couple the bride be any happier?!?! She is truly a woman head over heels in love. And I LOVE the lights at the reception. It reminds me of a fairy tale.

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