Ashley B. {H.S. Senior}

One of the most rewarding things about photographing portraits is showing a person how beautiful they are.  Some people will get in front of a camera and own it – fearlessly confident and knowing they will rock their session.  But more often than not, people feel uneasy about having their photos done.  Whether they believe they aren’t photogenic or believe they are awkward, they just don’t see what’s really there.
Ashley doesn’t know how beautiful she is. But when we started photographing her, I looked over at Roger and gave him a look and we both knew THIS is going to be fun.  Because WOW.  She is fully model material and has no idea how much joy she brings to a photographer.
But not only did she bring joy with photos, she brought joy just being herself.  We had such an incredible time being with Ashley and her mom on her session day.  Some people you just connect with instantly, and Ashley was definitely one of those people.  She made it easy to adore her – and Lord do we adore her.
I don’t think I’ve ever been so energized and excited about a session in all our years of photographing.  It was easily our favorite session of all time.
Choosing a sneak peek was SO INCREDIBLY difficult because we LOVE every single one of Ashley’s photos, but here are a few of our favorites for you to enjoy of Ashley B.’s senior session!! 🙂
tensixteen197tensixteen198tensixteen199tensixteen200tensixteen201tensixteen202tensixteen204tensixteen205tensixteen206tensixteen207tensixteen209Ashley, we hope you have an AMAZING senior year!  Please come back and let us photograph (or hang out with you) ANY time!!!  xoxo

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