April & Chuck {Engaged}

When she casually asked him about their future, he told her “you tell me what day you will dump me if we are not engaged by, and I will propose the day before then.”

Little did she know he planned to ask her to be his wife the next day.

Although she thought they were in Nebraska for a business trip – Chuck had it all planned.  They’d spent the day at a Nebraska football game.  After a great afternoon of laughing and cheering, Chuck and April dined at Sullivan’s of Omaha – one of the nicest restaurants in the country.  Between the salad and the main course, he told her how he felt about her and asked her to marry him.  She was a little taken back, not totally sure what was going on, and maybe not even believing he was serious.  But after Chuck got out the ring, and the manager came out with champagne she felt a rush of happiness, anxiety, and complete joy all in the same moment.  She took it all in…and started to cry.

April and Chuck have a beautiful late September wedding planned at the Chandler Hill Winery and we are so blessed to be a part of the next chapter in their life.  Enjoy their engagement photos!  (The slideshow gallery is new, but don’t be afraid to try it out – it’s painless I swear!  Just press the play button to see some of their photos!)

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Amanda Zika - These are beautiful! They look like a fun couple and I am sure their wedding in September will be amazing.

Laura - Awe…tear! Their story is so romantic. Great photos, they will make a beautiful bride and groom.

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