Anna & Derek {ENGAGED}

How about some photos?  How about some CUTE photos to boot!?!  It’s been awhile since we’ve had a engagement session on the ol blog, so we’re super excited to show you Anna & Derek’s photos.  This couple lives in San Francisco CA and is one of our many wonderful couples who booked us based on word of mouth and a phone conversation.  So when we met for coffee while these two were home for a visit on a cold February day, we were excited to see the faces behind the emails and phone conversations.  And we were more excited when the faces were filled with happiness and love.  Our session with the couple was very impromptu and brief, but it doesn’t take long to get great photos of two people this happy and this much in love!  Enjoy their photos – and their story!

They were graduate students together in the same program.  Life had pulled them in the same direction, in the same town, in the same microbiology department.  Maybe life – maybe a little fate too.  They were friends.  But on a “friendly date” she indirectly spilled her guts to him about her feelings.  “The ball is in your court” she said.  And she waited.  3 long, agonizing days.  Finally, on a lunch date in Chapel Hill he said “Let’s see what happens.”

On the 5th anniverary of that first date and that profession of feelings, Derek suprised Anna with a trip to Napa Valley.  Bright and early that Saturday morning, Derek woke Anna up to go on an adventure.  She walked onto a Hot Air Balloon with Derek, and 2000 feet in the air over the Napa Vinyards he proposed.  Although she didn’t immediately say yes because she was crying to hard – the answer was obvious.

Stay tuned for their wedding day this summer… “let’s see what happens.”

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