Angela & Matt {Wedding Day}

Angela is hands down the biggest Cardinal fan I know.  So much so that she incorporated the Cards into their wedding day.  When she talked about the details and as I heard the excitement in her voice – I knew the day was going to be fantastic.  The definition of a fan is fan:noun  a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular sport, art form, or famous person. While neither Angela and Matt are famous they both are enthusiastic about the other and devoted, carry a love for the other and strong admiration, a supporter and champion of the other… no doubt about it Angela & Matt are Cardinal fans – but even more so, fans of each other.  There is a delight in the air about them and a lighthearted love.  On this wonderful July day, Angela and Matt promised to love one another for life – and to be one another’s biggest fan.  Enjoy their wedding day!

So yeah, we were prepared for heat.  The entire summer has been dreadfully hot.  However – I personally wasn’t prepared for THIS heat.  Roger looked over at me at one point and said with a very concerned look “Um.  Are you O.K.?”  My face was buried in the car vent so I didn’t hear him.  He took a photo of the thermometer in our car.  Our car that was parked in the shade.  I wouldn’t be telling the story of the day accurately without proof so here is the hottest photo of the day…

Thank goodness Angela hired Holly who owns Pro Colour Cosmetics to do her makeup.  If you are going to sweat more than you have your entire life on your wedding day – you’re going to need to makeup that can outlast the heat.  And someone who knows what they are doing to put it all on.  Holly is no joke and amazing, so I knew that everyone else could be a hot mess by the time reception rolled around (myself included), but in Holly’s hands the bride would still look amazing.Being the Cardinal fans that they are, photographs at Busch Stadium were a must.I think they were cheering for me – I can’t be sure.
The reception was Cardinal mayhem.  Tickets for place cards, Jerseys for table numbers, hats, balls… you name it – they had it.  Down to the cake topped that looked just like them!

As a surprise to Angela, Matt called up a special friend and asked him to come to the reception…

and I think Angela was excited to see Fredbird as she was to see Matt at their first glance.  (Sorry Matt – Fred was way out of line kissing your bride like that!  He was all over everyone that night!)

Angela & Matt – Thank you for letting us celebrate your day with you.  It’s so nice to see a couple who supports one another the way you two do.  Sometimes in marriage it’s not about gazing in one another’s eyes, or endless romance, but more of cheering your partner on, supporting them through the good times and bad, being a team together, and knowing that you’ll win some and lose some – but together you will be victorious in life.  Thanks for reminding us what a true fan is and how we can all be one to each other.


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Donnell Probst - Oh… Mah… Gah! Awesome!! Seriously – those place card/tickets are my absolute favorite detail! WOW!

Anne Todd - BEAUTIFUL pictures of a wonderful couple!! What a perfectly fun day! Love the pics, you guys!

Christy Buesch - Angela and Matt,
All I can say is WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!
The photographers did an amazing job. All of your pictures are wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Hope to see you soon.
Take Care and God Bless.

Angela - I love them!!! I cannot wait to see them ALL!!! Love the detail shots! It is wonderful how you incorporated each part of the day into it!!

Amanda Zika - Okay, that kiss photo at the ball park with them from behind must be blown up big. That is a rockin’ photo!!!! I love the Cardinals theme!

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