Andee & Ryan {engaged}

Although they were from different towns, during high school their circles of friends would sometimes hang out.  Andee and Ryan knew one another, but that was the extent of it.  5 years later while home for winter break from U of I, he called her on a whim.  He would come sit with her and chat while she was working and they completely hit it off.  One day he asked her to meet his parents over dinner, and from that day on, they were an item.

Over the next few years, he went to law school and she went to school and worked in St.Louis.  After Ryan took a job in Peoria the distance between them started to set in and they discussed the future.  He asked her to move to be with him, and with that she and her 2 boxers Oskar and Laila set out to Peoria to start their new future with Ryan.

On their 9 year anniversary they spent the evening in St.Louis and had a nice dinner.  Ryan mentioned having a gift for Andee, but said he’d forgotten it at home.  The wonderful weekend passed, and sitting there on Monday, she remembered that he still hadn’t given her that gift he mentioned.  She asked him about it and he explained that she would have to close her eyes.  When he told her to open them, her dog Oskar was in front of her with a ribbon tied to him holding a ring.  Ryan asked her to marry him and she immediately said yes!

She later found out that Ryan had the ring in his pocket during their entire weekend away, but never felt it was the right time to propose.  In the end, their in their living room on the couch with her dogs is exactly the moment she would choose over and over again.  When you promise forever to someone, it’s most meaningful to be surrounded by the ones you cherish the most.

The couple are planning a wedding for this September in St.Louis!!  Congrats and enjoy a few photos from their engagement session!!

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Cathy Hudspeth - These are really lovely photos! Can’t wait to see more! Andee is such a lovely person – I’m so happy for post of them.

Bet Hegger - I love the pictures! They are beautiful and I can’t wait to see more! The big day is almost here!!!

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