And the winner is…

Nothing like making it suspenseful!  I apologize for the tardiness of the results.

The Secret Santa had a very difficult time choosing.  Amanda, Michelle, Linda, Emily, Danielle, Laine, Jennifer, Tamika, Michele, Renee, Dawn, Emily, Megan, Emma, Michelle, Katherine, Amanda, Sara, Emily W. Brea, Gary, and Rainy – your answers were so warm and cozy and creative.  Way to tug on our heartstrings and bring to life all that is Christmas.  YOU ALL ROCK!!!

The Secret Santa was male, and 14 – so you did have to somewhat speak to an acne prone, hormonal, voice changing, awkward teen.  He liked two and picked the one mainly he said because and I quote “It sounds like something you would say Mom!”.  So since he liked one for me and one for him – in the holiday spirit of giving – we went with two lucky winners!

Drumroll please………….Emily W. & Rainy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rainy: Dr. Suess say’s it best in the Grinch…”What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.” Love, Give, Eat, Drink and Be Merry!!!

Emily W. (the one Secret Santa felt like was something his mom would say) The holiday season is –snuggling by the fire, decorating, kisses under the mistletoe, Christmas morning surprises, cheery music, glowing lights, snow, laughter, gathering together – tradition.

I cannot wait to shoot you both in all the Christmas glory!  Thank you SO much to all who entered.  It’s an honor to hear your stories and your thoughts.  And as a pagent mother would say to her beloved daughter with too much hairsrpay and makeup – your all winners in my eyes.

PS – Gary – your answer was my personal fave.  Are we related?

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Emma Soland - Well Dang!!! I was soooo hopeing we would win! Congrats to the 2 that did! Merry Xmas to everyone!

Rainy - Oh my gosh!!! Hannah and I, being super competitive, really wanted to win! Yeaa! Photo shoot with Karin and Rog, what a great Christmas presents. Super excited!

Emily W. - OMG -this just made my day and it’s only 7:30 AM!!!!! We are very excited!!!! Cant’ wait until Saturday!!!

Dawn Devall - I think it was rigged! I am totally kidding! Congrats Rainy and Emmy:)

megan - haha Dawn- I just txt rainy the same thing-congrats girls

Nikki Emig - Congrats Emily and Mike. I am so happy for you guys:) Have a blast on Saturday!! Karin will do an amazing job and she makes you feel right at home:)

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