Amy & Brent {Wedding Day}

The best way to describe Amy & Brent?  SWEET.  Sweet as the day is long.  Like I would have liked to sporadically throughout the day given them hugs and told them how cute they are.  Down to Earth, cute people, who are made for one another.  I cannot imagine that they’ve ever argued with one another or been in “a fight”.  They share the same hobbies and are both pharmacists.  It’s like they are two pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly and when placed together – make sense.  Long after their day is over, I’m still wishing I could hug them when looking at their photos.  You’ve been warned, OK?  You WILL love these two!

Enjoy Amy & Brent’s wedding day!Brent – you photographed like a champ on your wedding day!  I know photos aren’t your thing, but you made it work!  Plus, your sweetness shines through!And Amy – could you take a bad photo?  Just so dang pretty it should be against the law!  And you manage to let your sweetness shine through as well.  (I’m wishing I could hug you again.)Love this photo our second (or is it third?) shooter Amanda captured!  She is a big mirror fan like Roger and I, but I don’t think I would have ever noticed this photo op!  Pure awesome!(Mentally hugging you!)OK – here’s where things really get warm and fuzzy.  (Don’t hate them because you want to hug them and Mother Nature for giving us the yummy light we had to work with!)I’ll take one of these in a 20×30 for my wall, thank you.A couple awesome things at Amy & Brent’s reception that I extra special loved were…

The cookbooks they had made for favors.  We have can coolies coming out the wazoo, so it was awesome to get a favor that I would TOTALLY use.  These cute cookbooks are filled with both of their family’s favorite recipes.  (Sharon Smith – hollllla!  Your Baked Sweet Potato Fries are THE BOMB!  And Grandma Musenbrock – your Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats rocked Roger’s world.  You have to love a woman who has dark corn syrup on hand and isn’t afraid to use it! )
The Cardbox that was a GIANT pill bottle (incase you didn’t read the section above, they are pharmacists) with all sorts of cute stuff written on it!  SO stinking cute!  (Here’s another mental hug!)Do I have to even explain?

Amy & Brent – I don’t know if you can feel that, but that is blog readers from all over mentally hugging you right now.  We were honored to be chosen to be a part of your day and hope that our friendship will continue.  We cannot thank you enough for the respect that you conveyed to us all day in so many ways and for treating all 3 of us as friends vs. “hired help”.  You can easily see where your sweet personalities come from by talking with your families, and we are so blessed to have spent such an amazing day with you all.  I can envision the two of you, old and gray and enjoying one another’s company as much as you did on the day you were married.  Love is sweet.  (Mental hugs!!)

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Jenny Hodges - Beautiful shots, as always! I love the reflection puddle shot!!!

Gail Frey - WOW! These are really great. It was so hard to wait a whole month to see them…but it was definitely woth the wait.

Amy Frey - Yay! They are so amazing, I can’t stop smiling!

Emily Dobson - Love all the photos and the little details of their wedding as well. So fun!

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