Amber & Wesley

OK – so I keep saying this I know… but Amber & Wesley are way cute.  Really pinch your cheeks cute.  They make me feel 90.  But I love them anyway!


I LOOOVE this photo.


This session was an evening session that I was completely jazzed about.  I think you see why.


Yummy.  The next 3 are Roger’s shots.33103

Loving a little escalator kiss.


Don’t lie, you want to squeeze them don’t you?


Thank you two for letting me get a little over the top photo happy with you!  I just couldn’t help myself I was so excited.  Amber – after your ballpit story, I know you understand!

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mom - These are way too cute! They do look so in love… they are mine!
IM kinda partial since they are my kids…… Mom

Amanda Zika - Oh man! They are cute. You always seem to capture such soul in your pictures. It is almost as if you know the people and their personalities. KWIM? Great job Karin! You rock 🙂

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