Amber & Wesley {Wedding Day}

There are a few things in life that make me happy.  Sleep, funnel cakes, hugs, lazy afternoons.  The list goes on and on.  There are also a few things on a wedding day that make me happy.  Presents, awesomely bright colored flowers, shoes (duh), great dresses, sweet bridesmaids, groomsmen who don’t complain, an awesome invitation, a pretty or unique cake, and a couple so in love with each other that I myself can’t help falling in love with them.  And on 8/8/09 – Amber and Wesley’s wedding made me VERY happy – because it combined everything I’ve mentioned… and then some!



Amber’s dress was AMAZING.  Just absolutely breathtakingly amazing.  (It was also heavy and hot, but I think Amber will attest to the fact that it was worth it!)02

Oh Wesley.  You are by far the sweetest man.  And pinch your cheeks cute.  OK, I’d never pinch your cheeks.  That would be dumb.  But I’d tell you you’re handsome and that right here in these photos… you worked it out.  There.  I said it. 13

Everyone knows I enjoy a gift exchange.  Especially if it involves a Tiffany blue box.


Amber, you look like a perfect little doll.  You looked so incredible on your wedding day.  I think you took everyone’s breath away.


When I am busy with photos or have my mind going a million miles a minute, it’s easy for me to not see certain moments.  But thank goodness Roger has been brainwashed into thinking like a girl and seeing them.  These three images are some of my favorites when put together to tell the story.  Roger – you are the bomb.




AYKM?  Yes, this is the stuff I live for.


Hello lover.


So yeah, this ring shot is stellar, but what is REAL coolness is that it is also their wedding date!  Holla!


Amber told me that she was getting a way better deal than Wesley was,  and Wesley separately told me the same.  These two are both getting the best deal – because not everyone finds their best friend and their husband/wife in one packaged deal.  You can picture these two growing old together.  Hand in hand – Wesley mesmerized still by his beautiful wife, and Amber still softly laughing as only Wesley makes her.  It’s such an honor to be a part of someones first day of a lifetime journey.  Amber and Wesley, enjoy every minute of your lifetime together.  We hope nothing but the best for your future.


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Amanda Zika - Karin and Roger – wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, okay I will stop now. But wow, this wedding is amazing. The two of you have captured the moments that are often overlooked during a wedding and turned them into a beautiful love story. All with some wonderful writing to go along with the photos 🙂 Congrats to the beautiful bride and handsome groom. Cheers to a lifetime of love, happiness and foreverness (if that is a word!).

Ashley - omg, this wedding was amazing! you guys did an awesome job as usual!….and the details are unbelievable!!

clary - I gasped when I saw that dress. Wow!! AND then again with all the purple shoes. What great couples you photo:)

Laura - Karin…what a HOT wedding! Beautiful job as always!
Can’t wait for you to do Brittany’s pictures.

Krissy - Wow to that dress and wow to those colors!

BTW, I’m a client of Clary’s and a friend of Alicia H.’s!! Can’t wait to see what you do at her and Clayton’s wedding :o)

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