Amanda & Mike {Engaged}

She crossed the finish line and heard someone yell her name.  There he was, all dressed up waiting for her and there to cheer her on.  He walked up, ready to ask right then and there, and she almost passed out from heat exhaustion.  So he waited.

She cooled down and upon feeling herself again, Amanda and Mike went to the Botanical Gardens to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.  They stopped by a pond and she turned to him and said “It would be so pretty to be married here.”  He reached in his pocket, looked at her and said “If you want to start planning a wedding then I better ask you… will you marry me?”
Amanda and Mike will promise to continue to cheer each other on for eternity as they say their “I do’s” next April!!  Enjoy their engagement photos!!

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Tammy - Love them! Great looking couple and great photos!

christine - Karin, you seriously crank out some amazing images…you (and Roger) are my heros! Every single blog post is better than the last, you two are so inspiring! Promise me you will write a book at some point in your life…you are an amazing writer. xoxo

Amanda Zika - How did I miss these? What a cute couple! In love and ready to start their future together. I can’t wait to see the amazingness you do with their wedding. And I love that cabin shot a million times over!

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