Amanda + Drew {wedding story}

I (Karin) recently had a milestone birthday.  While I’d love to tell you it was my 30th, it wasn’t.  It happened to fall on a Saturday.  A Saturday in September is prime wedding season, and while there are probably many sane people who would take their birthday off from shooting a wedding, I am not one of those people.  Plenty of people work on their birthdays – even the milestones – but how many of them get to laugh, and watch people in love, and dance, and eat cake at their work?  Not many.
If I was going to work on my birthday there was only one prerequisite… the couple better be amazing.  They better be madly in love, and incredibly fantastic people because if you are going to spend a special day with people you barely know – you want to feel like you’ve known them your entire life.  (Coincidentally , we feel this is the same reason couples should choose us as their wedding photographers!)  Amanda and Drew’s day had all of those things and more.  They had great family, incredibly fun and thoughtful best friends, details that make a girl SWOON, beautiful sunshine, and a love that is so heartfelt you feel lucky to witness it.  Out of all the ways I could have spent my birthday, I spent it the way that is a dream come true – capturing and celebrating love.  It was the best birthday gift a girl could ask for.
This day – September 5th 2015 belongs to Amanda and Drew.  This is their story, and it’s their deep love that’s filled with grace that make it so special.  Enjoy this gorgeous, flawless, and love filled day!

Kate Spade and Badgley Mischka???  I do.ad_tensixteen_001ad_tensixteen_002Amanda is pretty on a random Tuesday as she shops for groceries – but on THIS day, she was flawlessly radiant.  ad_tensixteen_003ad_tensixteen_004ad_tensixteen_005Drew could model for the company that makes this suit.  Beyond handsome, and incredibly kind – but forget it ladies his also incredibly taken!!  🙂ad_tensixteen_006Can’t even handle this gorgeousness.  ad_tensixteen_007ad_tensixteen_008ad_tensixteen_009ad_tensixteen_010I am so drawn to this image for so many reasons.  Dramatic, beautiful photos are obviously fantastic – but it’s moments like these that stop me in my tracks.  So much story in one photo.ad_tensixteen_011ad_tensixteen_012ad_tensixteen_013ad_tensixteen_014ad_tensixteen_015Love all of the warm tones and textures in our shooting locations!ad_tensixteen_016ad_tensixteen_017ad_tensixteen_018ad_tensixteen_019ad_tensixteen_020These girls are not only gorgeous, they are the most fun group ever!!  ad_tensixteen_021How gorgeous is this simple moment where the wind caught Amanda’s veil?  What a beauty!ad_tensixteen_022ad_tensixteen_023ad_tensixteen_024ad_tensixteen_025ad_tensixteen_026OK – so I told you Amanda’s bridesmaids were so fun – but really…  I can’t even handle it.ad_tensixteen_027Ivy, broken glass, some old brick, and some beautiful light.  But gorgeous individuals in front of it and you’ve got a recipe for greatness!ad_tensixteen_028ad_tensixteen_029I get a little scared of bright sunlight.  I’m a pretty safe light shooter and rarely challenge myself to do things that make me feel uncomfortable.  Roger however is a fan of working off the sun and will always make it look magical.  The gorgeousness of his backlit images make me so jelly.  ad_tensixteen_030ad_tensixteen_031ad_tensixteen_032ad_tensixteen_033This isn’t our typical bridal shot, but I could NOT get over all the diamond patterns in this photo.  I love how interesting it is, and love that our bride worked it out and let us get creative!ad_tensixteen_034ad_tensixteen_035ad_tensixteen_036ad_tensixteen_037ad_tensixteen_038ad_tensixteen_039ad_tensixteen_040That late afternoon light is so glorious!ad_tensixteen_041ad_tensixteen_042Again – all those beautiful images above don’t outshine a moment like this that is a couple’s story.  It doesn’t get any better.ad_tensixteen_043ad_tensixteen_044ad_tensixteen_045ad_tensixteen_046ad_tensixteen_047

Amanda and Drew – thank you so much for everything you did to extend such warmth and kindness to us and to everyone around you!  You two are so very loved, and it is evident why in an instant.  You have something so remarkable and special and we are so grateful for being a part of your most special day.  Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your memories!!

There are a ton of great photos above, but that is truly the tip of the iceberg.  Check out more of this beautiful day in the slideshow below!!

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Jennifer Wilberding - Sister of the Bride/Maid of Honor here. I just wanted to say that the photos are absolutely amazing and gorgeous, and to thank you for making the whole picture-taking process fun and enjoyable! We had a blast with you guys!

Rebekah - Karin, these are beautiful!! You do such amazing work…

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