Amanda & Bret {Wedding Day}

Walking through the hotel where Amanda would be getting into her wedding dress, I wasn’t sure where I was going. But the second I walked out of the elevator onto their floor, I just followed the sounds of laughter and excitement. The moment I walked in I was greeted with hugs and excitement that I was there. And that’s just how Amanda, and her friends and family are. They greet you with open arms, and are excited just because you are there. They treat you like family. Even though there was plenty of excitement – there was a cool calmness about Amanda. She was ready to marry the man of her dreams, ready to walk down the aisle towards him, ready to embark on their forever. Typically perhaps a little bit type A personality, Amanda let it all go that day and just enjoyed the day. Even when obstacles arose the smile stayed on her face and she never got stressed. Love was all that mattered.
Enjoy Amanda and Bret’s wedding day!!

I was, and still am OBSESSED with Amanda’s wedding dress.  One of my favorite dresses of all time, it looked as though it was made for her!!  (and in part, it was!!)  You KNOW it’s a great dress when Roger even comments on it, which he did several times.

I have NO idea how girls theses days do it.  I see girls at every wedding wearing shoes with huge heels.  I’m a klutz in flip-flops and Roger will attest walking in general can be tricky for me… yet Amanda who is my size walked around all day in these TALL green shoes.  Is there a class where they teach you how to walk in these types of shoes?
Seriously Amanda?  You were so jaw dropping on your wedding day.  You are a doll no matter what you wear, but in your dress – on your wedding day – you were perfection.Bret is so sweet AND handsome!!!  Sorry ladies, he’s officially off the market!  😉After a pretty mild spring, summer had officially kicked in on May 19th!!!  It was a HOT one.  But even in the heat, even in those shoes, the couple was up for anything.  So why not get in some itchy wheat, right?By far the best group of girls we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.  I was personally so jealous they weren’t my own friends.Everyone knows we love a tunnel shot!Love this one by an old Air Force plane!  I can hear the Top Gun soundtrack in my head every time I look at it.All the reception details were cohesive and matched the fun, bright theme of the day.  But do you see that fountain on the left?  Thats a creamy peanut butter fountain.  And then I died.  True story. If you officially need to learn how to “Wobble”, these girls will teach you.  Never seen it look so cute!

Amanda and Bret – your day was perfect, the two of you are amazing people, and your families and friends are a circle of strength that everyone wishes for.  We hope for you that you keep that wedding day mantra that “Love is all that Matters” throughout your lives.  When trash needs to be taken out, and laundry is overflowing, when you have more bills than you do money – remember that love is indeed all that matters.  You’ll get through anything life throws your way when you keep the strength of love as your backbone.  We look forward to your bright future and are so thankful for allowing us to capture the beginning of it!!! XOXO

Be sure to check out more of Amanda and Bret’s day on this video slideshow!!!

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Chantel Sutberry - You are so good!!!! This is a job well done girl!!! Love 10/16

Amanda the Great - I am drooling over those tunnel shots. My gosh! How do you guys nail every wedding so perfectly. I love every single detail. And of course green is my favorite color 🙂

Amanda KRUSE - OOOOOO MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! I knew you guys were good, but these are AMAZING! I will never be able to thank you enough for capturing our special day in your own special way 🙂 I hope you guys had as much fun as we did! We LOVE YOU BOTH!

Megan *Bridesmaid* - The pictures are absolutely STUNNING! You had a little help with such a gorgeous bride 🙂 My husband says little about weddings and he has made several comments about how great the pictures are! For the future, we even want to know if you do baby pictures?! We loved having you as a part of the wedding party!

Jenny Hodges - You guys are amazing photographers!!!! I love the tunnel shots & the green is to die for!!

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