Alicia & Clayton {Wedding Day}

Ladies…go ahead and bring your boyfriends, fiances, husbands to the computer!  I have the most male friendly wedding blog post that I’ve ever had!  Go ahead, I’ll wait…..

Hi there.  I know the male following on this blog is probably not terribly strong, but I am feeling like you may actually have some interest in this post.  For a couple of minutes at least.  Gosh, I’m nervous.  Bare with me through a couple girly things and I promise you’ll get to see some pics you’ll like!

Welcome to Alicia & Clayton’s wedding!

O.K. O.K.  SO I’m starting out with shoes.  You’ll have your man photos – let me just have these.  (Girls – holy Lord how HOT are those shoes!!!)




OK – so here’s a guy.  Clayton is manly.  And handsome.  And there ain’t nobody mad at him for being so darn good looking, is there?  No.  Clayton cannot help that he worked it out on his wedding day.


And then there is Alicia.  Hot hot hot.  Clayton is one lucky man isn’t he?


I said bare with me.  I mean these are some NICE flowers.


Amanda… you rock my world with these.081205

Shake your man awake… I know men don’t care about tears, but this is SO sweet.


and bubbles?!?!  Who doesn’t like bubbles?04

Alright Alright already.  I’ll make due on my promise.  Gentelmen.  I give you… cars.  9 Mustangs to be exact.  Yes indeed, Clayton – A PROUD Mustang owner – wanted each pair in his wedding party to have a fabulous car to drive and be photo’d with.  So he did what any man would do and borrowed 8 of the hottest Mustangs from his friends in Clinton County IL.  So clearly – not only does Clayton have great taste in vechicles… he has dumb – I mean good friends.17

Yep.  You are right.  That is bad a$&.18

OK, thanks for joining us fellas.  From here on out it’s kissing and love.  It was nice having you though.  Please – come back and check if there is anything manly in the future.  You just never know.  I’m fearless that way.01

OK – now I can talk normal.  I feel very odd not having mentioned any OMGs yet.13

Yet…OMG – how hot is this photo?

15And look how CUTE they are!  Here’s something I couldn’t talk about earlier when I was being man friendly… A. Roger took the HOT photo of the shoes where the “I DO” shows.  He would hate for the men who were here earlier to know that.  and B.  Clayton cried while saying his vows!  I know – SO sweet.  He is really really in love.  And look… it shows!


I have to send a HUGE shout out to Amanda who assisted Roger and I.  She blew me away with her shots and several of these on the blog are hers.  PLUS – she had alot of Mustang knowledge and made me look cooler for having her along (Although Amanda – admit it – they didn’t have nothin on the Toyota Rav did they?).  She is a perfect fit for us – behind the camera and when it’s put away.

Alicia and Clayton… your wedding day was so perfectly you.  Happiness, tears of joy, smiles, great details, and Mustangs to name a few things that are you.  It was a pleasure being part of your day and getting to know you throught the past year and a half!  (almost two!!)  Your love is strong and deep and it was our pleasure to capture it.  Clayton – thanks for getting some men to look at our blog.  Even if it was brief!

You’ll want to see all of their photos I know – so watch for them on Monday!!!

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Amanda Zika - Karin, Karin, Karin!!!! Thank you! I get so excited when I know we are going to be shooting together! Not only are you a colleague but a dear, dear friend. I love you!!!! 🙂

Alicia and Clayton – here is to many beautiful years together! Thank you for sharing your special day with me. You two are amazing and your wedding was perfect 🙂

Love, Amanda

clary - All those Mustangs are awesome!!

Alicia - Karin~ The pictures from our wedding are GORGEOUS!!!! We love them all!! Its amazing how everyone says that the day will go by like a flash. They are absolutely right and I am so thankful that we had you, Roger, and Amanda there to capture all the memories for us forever. We love you all and could not have imagined our wedding day without you:)!!

Nikki Emig - Amazing as always:) I love…LOVE the picture with the clouds. Clayton and Alicia had an amazing day and you captured it perfectly.

Denis Bagsby - Stangs ROCK !!!

Maria - Alicia I have been dying to see all the pictures from your wedding. The preview ones are magnificant and i can’t wait to see more. Your wedding was glamorous and delieghtful. I hope you and Clayton have many wonderful memories together throughout your days.

Jo Ann Heady - Wow. I re-lived the day with this. A mother was never so proud!!
Love Mom

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