Alexis & Travis {Wedding Day}

Alexis and Travis were married at a little chapel on the campus of MacMurray College in Jacksonville IL.  I could tell you a story of great details, of happy people, of a beautiful day, and gorgeous locations – because their wedding day was all of these things.  However I’d rather tell you a story of the wonderful example of heartfelt love that Travis and Alexis encompass.  These two have a love that makes me optimistic.  They have this youthful outlook on the world and one another, yet have a comforting love of a couple that has been together 50 years.  It’s an amazing dynamic that they share, and something completely unique.  It’s a love that I wish every single person could have – youthful optimism with mature strength.  The whole world is whatever they want it to be, and in a world of cynisim and hardened souls due to the trials of life – it’s refreshing to be around a couple that is excited about nothing more than growing old with their best friend.  When I think of what love should be – I think about Alexis and Travis.  And I’m reassured with hope.

Enjoy Alexis and Travis’s Wedding Day!You want to hug them don’t you?  They are both just as gorgeous inside as they are on the outside.So Alexis and Travis had a first glance – and I cried behind my camera.  Travis gave Alexis Chelsea Handler books for the plane ride to their honeymoon because he knows how much she enjoys her, and she gave him a IHOME for his IPhone – the kitchen size because he wouldn’t want it to take up too much space.  And they loved their gifts as if they’d spent thousands on one another.  So perfectly aware that happiness doesn’t come from having what you want, but wanting what you have.  And I still cried behind my camera.Both Alexis and Travis have AMAZINGLY fun and sweet friends.  And they are all good looking which is a perk.
This is what is known as – Working.  It.  Out.I dare you to tell me you don’t want to hug them…

I have to mention that the previous 3 sets of images were Roger’s and pretty much my favorite ones of the day.  He also knows how to work.  it.  out.  (awww snap my homey!)Alexis & Travis – I cannot tell you enough how much we adore you.  I’ll admit it – I have an emotional attachment to you both.  Alexis, from the moment I met you I could not get over your innocent charm and your wide-eyed outlook on the world.  And then after meeting Travis and seeing how much he complimented your personality I was hooked.  With the every day nuisances of work, and kids, and bills, and dinners – you remind us of what love and life are all about.  We not only adore you – we admire you both and know that you will achieve everything you put your minds to, and you’ll enjoy life’s joys even more with your best friend by your side.

Best wishes to you both!  XOXO!

And because there is just not enough room in one blog post for all the lovely photos of these two – enjoy more in this slideshow!

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Jessica Zobrist - Wow what beautiful pictures! I love the yellow… what a pretty punch of color!

Amanda Zika - This is one of those weddings that makes me so sad you didn’t photograph mine 🙁 I really need to renew my vows just so I can have you as my photographer. I know that you feel blessed to shoot a couple this sweet and I hope they realize how fortunate they are to have such an amazing photographer that knows how to Work. It. Out. 😉

P.S. I love her dress!

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