A Year In Review Part 4: Lessons Learned

Something you may have missed in 2012?  I’m actually pretty funny.  No wait – really, I am.  I used to write our blog with more of my narrative, and in 2012 I guess I stepped away from that.  I got so involved with telling other people’s stories that I lost my own.  (To some of you, this was a blessing! 😉 )

If you are new here, or didn’t come here much before 2012 – you probably didn’t really know that I’m pretty humorous.  Sure, it’s in a dorky, awkward way… but humor nonetheless.  See, Roger and I don’t take ourselves very seriously.  We certainly don’t always say the right things, and aren’t perfectly proper.  I’d say we are just regular people doing what we love day in and day out!  Every single person has a story, and that is the basis of this blog and our work.  Telling stories.  But, while I used to share our stories, behind the scenes posts, and more of a quirky, fun narrative on the blog – I lost that somewhere back in 2011!!  And gosh darn it, I want it back!!!!

We feel like the people hiring us should not only be basing their decision upon our ability to take good photos – because let’s face it, there are many people who can do that!!  They shouldn’t be basing it on how much we charge and what comes with our Collections – because there is definitely someone cheaper and offering the stars and the sky along with a billboard sized print and a disc of crappy images!!  But if you are truly considering us for your photographers, you should be basing it on an attraction.  A attraction to yes – our abilities to take good photos, and yes – our pricing, and yes – our beautiful albums and products, but most of all a attraction – a connection – a appeal to US!  If you don’t like that I want to share with you that I drooled over a bride’s shoes, or that I inwardly feel a twang of jealousy every time they play that Wobble song at receptions because I would love to put down my camera and show the world that I can OWN that dance floor (Just Dance 3?  Child’s play), or if you cannot stand that I make up words, sayings, and abbreviations that no one really understands (“Coolio”, “Geeze Louise Mandrell”, “Whoa Nelly Furtado”, or O.M.J.), and if you seriously can’t handle that I like talking about my dog, enjoy taking photos of sunrises AND my food, and feel like a good quote can change your entire life… <whew>  Then I am seriously not the right photographer for you.  And that’s OK!

Not everyone is going to like me, but for those who do – THAT is what is going to make the largest difference in your wedding photography experience.  When you and I have a connection, you feel comfortable when I put my camera up to my eye, and that allows us to show the real you!!  If I’m not real, how will you ever be?  So love it or hate it – I am who I am, and I just have to share it or I’m not being true to you or me.

Now, if you know me you know that I take a very round about way to get to my point!!  It’s quite the journey, but their is always a point which I like to call “the closer”.  (Yep, made that up.)

2013, I’m comin for ya.  I’m getting my groove back, and throwin it all out there.  Watch out world wide web!!  It’s about to get crazy.  We are working on a whole new blog set up based around getting back to our roots.  Showing what we love, sharing what we enjoy, and laying it out in a way that is user friendly and fun!  So buckle your seat belts and enjoy the ride, because 2013 is going to be goooooood!!!

And so ends the Year In Review Series!!  Don’t worry, it’s time to move on!!  After all, that is SO 2012!!!!

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