A Year In Review: Part 2

We gained a ton of new friends in 2012!  Every year, we get to be a part of individuals lives for a day.  Be a part of their family, their friends, their closest peeps.  It’s impossible to not feel honored to have 2 people trust you enough to let you be a part of this.  We walk away from every wedding with new friends and family, but we owe that to the bride and grooms who give us the opportunity to be a part of who they are for a day.

I’ll be diving into the past year – in regards to personally and professionally – a little deeper within the next couple weeks, but Part 2 of the year in review has to do with one thing only – and that is Brides and Grooms!  We had 32 weddings on the books this year, and had the joy to assist a couple times as well.  While that’s not the largest number of weddings we’ve taken on in a year, it’s a number that fits well for us.  The brides and grooms we have the joy of capturing are seriously nothing short of amazing.  We love keeping in touch with all of them, getting baby announcements, moving announcements, and watching them achieve their dreams together hand in hand.  They each have fulfilled us in such different ways, and today we share with you our favorite shots of each bride and groom from 2012. Enjoy!

As not to spoil our new year’s eve wedding post that will not be posted until the end of this month, we just leave you with this little teaser.  However, once their blog is posted we will replace this photo with our favorite image of the couple.  And we’ll already let you know that will be a challenge, because we ended 2012 with one FANTASTIC wedding!!  Stay tuned!!

Thank you to the brides and grooms of 2012!!  We ADORE you all beyond words!!!  XOXO

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Lindsay Anglin - We love you 10/16!! By far the best photographers ever!

Alison - Whooop whoop! Pretty pretty photos. And can’t wait to see more where that teaser came from! <3


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