A decade…

10 years ago.  I really thought I had it figured out at that point.  I had no idea.  No idea how I would change in 10 years.  No idea how much you would.  (and I’m not just talking about your hair or my wrinkles, but those have certainly changed too.)  We were as naive as any young couple, head over heels in love I suppose.  Not having any idea what time and years actually do to a person.  We’ve gone through major life changes in 10 years, huge ups, huge downs.  But somehow, even in the darkness, we’ve found our way together. We’ve remained one another’s salvation, a safe haven when the world goes mad.
What does 5 more decades look like?  Maybe 6?  (Hopefully 6!)  How much will have changed (besides even less hair, and more wrinkles)?  One thing that will always remain will be the strength of a love that is a million percent meant to be.  The kind of love that perserveres.  Love like that old couple that were the longest married couple at the anniversary dance – the way they looked at each other, the advice he gave when he told the bride and groom “just keep loving one another every day”.  You looked at me across that dance floor – me with tears in my eyes, and you with that look that understood that would be us some day.  That we’d find our way simply by choosing to love one another every single day.

Looking forward to decades more of chapters to our love story.



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