Emily & Mike {engaged} A Blind Date Success Story

If Mike were to tell you two things about courting Emily – it would be that blind dates can work, and that ending a first date with a handshake might not be the worst thing in the world – but he wouldn’t recommend it. Emily’s cousin worked with Mike and figured they’d be a great […]

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Laura - I love this! Beautiful!

Amanda Zika - Okay, love, love, love their story. By the time I got done reading the story and the video I was entranced. What a cool couple. As always fabulous photos and video. The color in those flowers is beautiful!

Mary Janezick - Well, I think I’m rather speechless. I held Michael in my arms when he was just a wee baby. His eyes melted mine as he reminded me of a child I had to give up some years before. I watched him grow up across the street from me for 20 years. He had a lot of friends and was pretty much always a smart and good child.
When I saw him later at his father’s wake, I saw how this child had matured into such a fine and kind young man. He was so handsome and so sweet spoken, it was like he had never gone away from the neighborhood.
When I see this story, it brings tears of joy to see how he has found the love that will last a lifetime.
You’re starting a wonderful life with this beautiful young woman Mike, and you’ll be the strong foundation to hold you together forever.
Nothing but the best of luck to you and yours always. I know your mother must be so very proud.
Mary and Jim Janezick.

Barb Lodes - You two show how much in love you are, and that you had a great time during your photo shoot. Great pictures! Emily and Mike keep having fun with each other and never forget to laugh with each other. Love you both.
Aunt Barb and Goddad Steve.

Jenna & Kevin {engaged}

If there is a word to describe Jenna and Kevin and their relationship – it would be commitment and perseverance.  Wait – that’s two words.  Sorry.  I’ll elaborate… It takes much perseverance to woo a girl who you previously called by the wrong name in your second meeting, and to then invite yourself over to […]

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Amanda Zika - I knew their photos would be amazing and they are. She is going to be a stunning bride. I love each and every one of them so much I can’t pick out a favorite!

Melanie & Dan {Engaged} – The importance of a nice jacket, music, and Tom Petty

Music has a way of bringing people together.  Like the fact that Melanie and I met one another in Jr.High as we both played clarinet in the band.  I can’t say for sure, but I’m fairly certain that we were cool.  Like “I’m in the band and I love it – cool”.  Or like “Hey […]

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Amanda Zika - This session is awesome! I am digging all of these Forest Park photos. Great job! Love them all!

Melanei Lancey - Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures! I cannot wait to get the disc! And again, thanks for the free music offer, but I think we’ll stick with the d.j., just to keep things simple. ; )

Pudge - Beautiful pictures! The “look of love” is what you have. Congratulations to you both.

What photographers do on vacation – Part 3

Hi.  I’m Roger.  You hear about me from time to time when Karin makes up stories about me.  I read about things I did or said after the fact and never get to stand up for myself.  And she puts photos of me on Facebook that I don’t like.  I get to write on the […]

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Dawn Devall - Roger, Daphne will love this! She loves your Through Rogers Lens scction! Karin, you didn’t tell me you went topless!

Ruth Gierer - Roger, you did a fine job! Very entertaining! Karin…give him a break…have a little faith in the one you love!

Ashley Bywater - I just have one question…what was the bet? 🙂

Karin - The bet was on the post before this one… if the photo that one the contest was taken by Roger – he got to post his favorite photos and write the blog. If I won – I wrote it. #12 was taken by Roger. He won. He wanted to only post the guy in the thong. He REALLY liked him.

Karin - won – not one

Amanda Zika - I knew when I saw that Roger was going to be posting it was going to be good and I was right. I knew he would have some great people watching photos. Those might be the best yet.

And Roger, I think National Geographic will be calling soon – about the Lizard and nudity pics 🙂

Laura Ranger - Too Funny…I laughed out loud reading the posts. 🙂 Great and colorful pictures…love to people watch! You did a great job Roger.

Jessica Plocher - HILARIOUS! Well done!