Rainy & Nick {Engaged!}

The only thing better than photographing two people in love – is when one of the people you are photographing is someone YOU love as well!  Rainy is one of my dearest friends and someone who I am so thankful to have in my life.  She and her daughter Hannah were there when Roger and […]

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rainy - You are amazing! I am crying (happy happy tears of course) I am so thankful for you and Roger! This is so…. um … im speechless! I heart you!! I cant wait for my wedding day and I am so very excited that you will capture it for me! xoxoxoxo

Kelly Hoelting - Karin: These are soooo good!! How beautiful Rain looks and Nick looks pretty cute himself! I love the one against the brick wall! I am so very honored to FINALLY stand up for 2 of my bestest friends 🙂 Love you Rain, Nick and Hannah !!

Becky Edwards - Those pictures are absolutely amazing and adorable!! Karin you couldn’t have said that love story any better! I can’t wait for the wedding day! Not only do I get to spend my new years with all my best friends for the first time ever, but getting to spend it watching Rainy marry the man of her dreams makes it a perfect night! Love you Rainy, Nick & Hannah! Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!

megan - Karin-I%20am%20sitting%20here%20with%20tears%20rolling%20down%20as%20I%20read%20your%20blog%20of%20Rainy%20and%20Nicks%20love%20story%20(which%20you%20did%20a%20fabulous%20job%20by%20the%20way)!%20%20Anyway%2C%20I%20am%20so%20very%20excited%20to%20be%20a%20part%20of%20their%20special%20day%20and%20ring%20in%20the%20new%20year%20w%2F%20such%20an%20amazing%20couple.%20%20We%20are%20truly%20blessed%20to%20have%20so%20many%20wonderful%20friends%20and%20their%20families%20to%20watch%20them%20officially%20become%20a%20family!%20%20I%20love%20you%20Rain%2C%20Nick%2C%20and%20Hannah!!!%20

Jamie Lane - THESE PICTURES ARE GORGEOUS!! I especially love the black and white photo of them hugging where Rainy is looking at Nick and Nick’s looking at the camera. All of them are beautiful! I feel like I’m looking at models in a magazine!

Jami - One particular quote came to mind when I saw these…Then we sat on the edge of the earth, with our feet dangling over the side, and marveled
that we had found each other.” – Erik Dillard

Thrilled for you, hope to meet Nick some day soon! Best of luck!

Kelly - Outstanding photography. I am so proud of you Karin!
Not to mention, you might want to think about becoming a Novelist also. I had to read it three times, because I couldn’t see it through the tears! You are so sweet and your words so kind.
One more thing… you were right – “The wonderful man your parents prayed you would find.” Amen.

Christine - Karin- these are just perfect!! perfect 🙂

Amanda Zika - First off, thanks a lot for making me cry! I started sobbing by the time I got to the part where he fell in love with Hannah. What a cool couple! I was good friends with Rainy’s brother in high school. Once again, remind me why I am not shooting this wedding with you 😉

Kristen & Dan {engaged}

Destiny has a funny way of guiding you right where you are supposed to be.  Kristen and Dan were supposed to be a different events that New Year’s Eve, but because of a snow storm each thought it would be better to stay closer to home than drive into St.Louis.  They both ended up at […]

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Shirley - I love them ……… & the photo’s too!
Can’t wait to see Dan & Kristen’s wedding photo’s.

Lindsey - Love the variety. I am so partial to the black and white photos!

Missy & Dan {Wedding Day}

Melissa & Dan have a unique kind of love.  First – they have a love that is like teenagers.  Giddy in the other’s presence, blushing when he compliments you, and the inability to be without the other for more than 20 minutes without missing them terribly.  Then – they also have the kind of love […]

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Melissa McLaughlin - I%20have%20said%20it%20a%20dozen%20or%20more%20times%20and%20will%20continue%20to%20say%20it%20to%20anyone%20and%20everyone%20who%20will%20listen%20(and%20hell%20maybe%20even%20those%20that%20appear%20not%20to%20be)….YOU%20ARE%20AMAZING!%20%20I%20cant%20not%20thank%20you%20(and%20of%20course%20%22your%20crew%22)%20enough%20for%20being%20so%20incredible%20and%20for%20capturing%20photos%20of%20our%20day%20and%20making%20them%20what%20you%20have….like%20something%20from%20a%20bridal%20magazine!%20%20As%20I%20told%20you%2C%20you%20were%20able%20to%20capture%20pics%2Fmoments%20of%20things%20I%20loved%20and%20was%20excited%20about%20and%20also%20took%20things%20I%20was%20disappointed%20in%20and%20made%20them%20appear%20so%20much%20better!%20Your%20kind%20words%20make%20me%20beam%20and%20I%20can%20only%20hope%20and%20wish%20for%20everyone%20we%20love%20that%20have%20and%20feel%20what%20I%20do%20with%20Dan!

Melissa McLaughlin - oops…hopefully you can delete that…I am SO computer illiterate at times! What it says is:

I have said it a dozen or more times and will continue to say it to anyone and everyone who will listen (and hell maybe even those that appear not to be) YOU ARE SO AMANZING! I can not thank you (and of course “your crew”) enough for being so incredible and capturing photos of our day and making them what you have…like something from a bridal magazine! As I told you, you were able to capture pics/moments of things I loved and was excited about and also took things I was disappointed in and made them appear so much better! Your kind words make me beam and I can only hope and wish for everyone we love that they have and feel what I do with Dan!

Okay – sorry about the mess up!

Ashley Bywater - Ok…from where did she order that hanger?!

Emily W. - I am in love with those earrings!

The Senior Story

Senior session time is gearing up, and we are excited to launch some new options!!  We have several new cool options we will be adding – two of them being The Senior Story and The Senior Music Video.  The Senior Story is a time capsule style interview that answers questions about what they’ll remember most about […]

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Amanda Zika - Okay, so this may sounds stupid but can I do a senior session for my 30th birthday in October? I really need some pics and video of me for my website anyway. I hated my senior pictures and this would be a fun way to get the pictures I actually want. I guess mine will be a true “senior” session since I am turning 30 😉

As always these photos are amazing. Mwah!

Jessica Plocher - Wow that was incredible! I got goosebumps and don’t even know the young lady. How much time does it take to get all those pics and footage… there was so much! What a great story!

Emma Soland - I love this! I wish I would have had this option when I was a senior!!

Heather & Kyle {Wedding Day}

Heather and Kyle were married on a rainy Saturday in May.  It was our first rain out ever.  But the church was filled with love and happiness, so we just stayed there and captured it.  The photos ended up timeless and beautiful despite what Mother Nature was giving us.  The sunshine felt inside definately over […]

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T Bran - Lovely job! The last photo gave me goosebumps, how precious is that moment in time?!