Last night – while celebrating our Nation’s Birthday – we watched an amazing fireworks display. Nothing really says God Bless America like pyrotechnics, BBQ, and beer.  The geniuses that threw the party also bought Chinese fire lanterns.  A small town near Taiwan celebrates the Chineese New Year and ignite these lanterns with their wishes written […]

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Lyndsey & Derek {Wedding Day}

Lyndsey & Derek’s wedding was one we were looking forward to for many reasons.  First off, I love a small town wedding.  St.Louis is WONDERFUL for weddings – don’t get me wrong.  But when people see the warm personality of a small town wedding they are drawn to it – and this wedding was no […]

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Amanda Zika - Super beautiful wedding. I love all of the details and I wish my house was decorated as good as that wedding. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work Karin!

sara mcdermott - karin, you and Rog rocked this one out girl! I had so many favorites I don’t know how the heck you decided what to post! Great job as always sista!

Sherree Schneider - You’ve always done incredible work Karin, but this one is one of your best I think, and maybe it’s because of all the colors coming together (as you said)…the sky, the lights, the dresses, the decorations, because they truly just melted together so beautifully. I just love looking at your work, I never tire of it. Makes me wanna get married all over again, just so you can do the photo’s. 🙂 I’m thinking of things here that I can come up with just for you to do photo’s of us!

Whittney Lusk - Karin- First i want to start off expressing my appreciation of working with such a one of a kind photographer like you! These photos brought tears of joy to my eyes. Words can’t explain how emotional and wonderful that day and night was, but these photos tells the whole story to never be forgotten. Thanks so much for turning your artwork into a memorable masterpiece for Derek and LYnds!I know she is HAPPY!L and D- YOU ARE GORG! Love, Whitty ps. Karin, Your eyes are the most beautiful greenest eyes I ever seen!

Alyx Denby - W O W!!!! Unbelievable!!! Everything about this day was so beautiful in person, but you guys truly made it look like the living fairytale it was! Lyndsey was a beautiful bride! She was glowing all day, and you did a perfect job capturing that! I have been watching the video over and over again! Great job!!! You guys are amazing!!! 🙂

Jan Wagner - O.M.G.! What a wonderful day for a fantastic couple! You captured all the magical moments and brought them to life. Lyndsey and Derek are made for each other and have a wonderful life ahead of them! Congratualtions!

Judy Watson - This was like a fairytale wedding. Lyndsey and Derek are such a sweet couple and are perfect for each other. I wish them only the best!The pictures were magnificent.

Karen Geninatti - OMG!!! So amazingly beautiful, but then with such beautiful people and photographer that is so wonderful, what would we expect? Lynds, the word “RADIENT” comes to mind, that does not even come close to doing you and your day justice. I enjoyed looking at the pictures and video so much!

Tricia - You are a “Princess Bride”. Beautiful from start to finish. Derek cleans up well too.

Mary Ellen & Chris {Wedding Day}

We walked in to a sea of hairspray and a hotel room filled  with laughter and friendship.  I knew from Mel & Chris’s engagement session that this was going to be a VERY good day.  Mel (Mary Ellen) is  the sweetest girl you ever did meet, and Chris is so warm and friendly.  Both are […]

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Amanda Zika - Holy Batman Karin!!!!! Um, why couldn’t this be a video/photo wedding so I could shoot it with you. I am so jealous! They are gorgeous. And Roger, yep, once again you rocked it. You need to change your name to Starry Eyed Rockstar Photography! Can I get credit if you change it 😉 I miss you guys so much. We need to shoot together again pronto!

Laura Ranger - Wow…These photos need to be in a magazine! Simply Gorgeous!!

Stephanie - This is an amazing wedding! It is so unique and gorgeous! Great job Karin and Roger! And that church! Wowza!

Mel - Karin and Roger – I think I am absolutely speechless!!! These photos are AMAZING!!! I can’t even tell you how much we love them! I seriously can’t stop smiling every time I look at them :). Thank you so so much for the kind words and the beautiful pictures! You both are so wonderful and incredibly talented, and we are so blessed/lucky/happy to have had you share our day with us (and capture it so magnificently!) Thank you for everything!!! you guys rock 🙂

Rainy & Nick {Engaged!}

The only thing better than photographing two people in love – is when one of the people you are photographing is someone YOU love as well!  Rainy is one of my dearest friends and someone who I am so thankful to have in my life.  She and her daughter Hannah were there when Roger and […]

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rainy - You are amazing! I am crying (happy happy tears of course) I am so thankful for you and Roger! This is so…. um … im speechless! I heart you!! I cant wait for my wedding day and I am so very excited that you will capture it for me! xoxoxoxo

Kelly Hoelting - Karin: These are soooo good!! How beautiful Rain looks and Nick looks pretty cute himself! I love the one against the brick wall! I am so very honored to FINALLY stand up for 2 of my bestest friends 🙂 Love you Rain, Nick and Hannah !!

Becky Edwards - Those pictures are absolutely amazing and adorable!! Karin you couldn’t have said that love story any better! I can’t wait for the wedding day! Not only do I get to spend my new years with all my best friends for the first time ever, but getting to spend it watching Rainy marry the man of her dreams makes it a perfect night! Love you Rainy, Nick & Hannah! Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!

megan - Karin-I%20am%20sitting%20here%20with%20tears%20rolling%20down%20as%20I%20read%20your%20blog%20of%20Rainy%20and%20Nicks%20love%20story%20(which%20you%20did%20a%20fabulous%20job%20by%20the%20way)!%20%20Anyway%2C%20I%20am%20so%20very%20excited%20to%20be%20a%20part%20of%20their%20special%20day%20and%20ring%20in%20the%20new%20year%20w%2F%20such%20an%20amazing%20couple.%20%20We%20are%20truly%20blessed%20to%20have%20so%20many%20wonderful%20friends%20and%20their%20families%20to%20watch%20them%20officially%20become%20a%20family!%20%20I%20love%20you%20Rain%2C%20Nick%2C%20and%20Hannah!!!%20

Jamie Lane - THESE PICTURES ARE GORGEOUS!! I especially love the black and white photo of them hugging where Rainy is looking at Nick and Nick’s looking at the camera. All of them are beautiful! I feel like I’m looking at models in a magazine!

Jami - One particular quote came to mind when I saw these…Then we sat on the edge of the earth, with our feet dangling over the side, and marveled
that we had found each other.” – Erik Dillard

Thrilled for you, hope to meet Nick some day soon! Best of luck!

Kelly - Outstanding photography. I am so proud of you Karin!
Not to mention, you might want to think about becoming a Novelist also. I had to read it three times, because I couldn’t see it through the tears! You are so sweet and your words so kind.
One more thing… you were right – “The wonderful man your parents prayed you would find.” Amen.

Christine - Karin- these are just perfect!! perfect 🙂

Amanda Zika - First off, thanks a lot for making me cry! I started sobbing by the time I got to the part where he fell in love with Hannah. What a cool couple! I was good friends with Rainy’s brother in high school. Once again, remind me why I am not shooting this wedding with you 😉

Kristen & Dan {engaged}

Destiny has a funny way of guiding you right where you are supposed to be.  Kristen and Dan were supposed to be a different events that New Year’s Eve, but because of a snow storm each thought it would be better to stay closer to home than drive into St.Louis.  They both ended up at […]

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Shirley - I love them ……… & the photo’s too!
Can’t wait to see Dan & Kristen’s wedding photo’s.

Lindsey - Love the variety. I am so partial to the black and white photos!