Jenna & Kevin {Wedding Day}

When Jenna & Kevin were planning their wedding – there was one thing Jenna wanted most… a down home wedding in her hometown.  They could have chosen St.Louis where Kevin is from and where they both worked and met, but in Jenna’s eyes, a wedding wouldn’t be right if it wasn’t in the town she […]

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Ashley Gwin - Beautiful! Oh and they can call ME too! Soooo glad we did the first glance! 🙂

Jenny Hailstone - Once again, you did it sista! These look amazing. Love the car pics. Thanks again for the compliments……love ya!

Alexis & Travis {Wedding Day}

Alexis and Travis were married at a little chapel on the campus of MacMurray College in Jacksonville IL.  I could tell you a story of great details, of happy people, of a beautiful day, and gorgeous locations – because their wedding day was all of these things.  However I’d rather tell you a story of […]

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Jessica Zobrist - Wow what beautiful pictures! I love the yellow… what a pretty punch of color!

Amanda Zika - This is one of those weddings that makes me so sad you didn’t photograph mine 🙁 I really need to renew my vows just so I can have you as my photographer. I know that you feel blessed to shoot a couple this sweet and I hope they realize how fortunate they are to have such an amazing photographer that knows how to Work. It. Out. 😉

P.S. I love her dress!

Emilie & Brandon {Wedding Day}

Emilie & Brandon were married 8.14.10.  A gorgeous summer day that was much looked forward to and celebrated by everyone who knows the couple.  Emilie and Brandon have a special story that makes their love unique.  It’s not a story of clouds parting and rainbows on the day they met, or blissful romance – although […]

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Emily Dobson - Beautiful story. Beautiful couple. Beautiful pictures. I thought about picking a favorite image, but I have absolutely NO IDEA which one to choose. So I won’t. I love them all!

Ashley Gwin - Another great job Karin & Roger! You two really do have a gift. 🙂

Jenny Hodges - I had chills reading the story & then when I saw the photos, they are absolutely breathtaking! What a beautiful fun loving couple! You really captured their personalities from getting ready to the ceremony to the fun at the reception. I love her dress & Brandon is such a lucky guy to have her as his wife. Again, you & your husband did a remarkable job!

P.S. LOVE the song on the slideshow 🙂

Emilie Duke - I couldn’t have asked for better photographers, you guys were so great to work with and the photos are amazing! Thank you so much for being a part of our day!

Angela - Wonderful story and beautiful pictures!!! A remarkable story and am so happy this couple found each other! Good luck to this couple!!

mandi sadler - what a beautiful story, and a beautiful bride! Pictures are breathtaking, God bless the new couple on their new journey of marriage! I went to high school with Karin and she has always been a talented and loving person, ya’ll picked the perfect photographer for your memorable day! Blessings to you both always!

Amanda Zika - As a mother I cannot imagine the joys Emilie’s parents felt the day of her wedding. Emilie, a true miracle, marrying the man of her dreams and going on to live an amazing life. You truly captured each and every detail and joy of this beautiful day. Thank you for sharing your amazing work with us once again 🙂


I’m not sure if it is the chill to the air blowing through my window, or the end of a chapter that the Labor Day holiday seems to bring, but it feels like hot days of summer are diminishing and fall is slowly billowing in.  I look at the seasons in hindsight as chapters and […]

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Jenny Hodges - I love your Hipstamatic prints & this post. Such touching words b/c yes, life is very short & can end in an instant when we least expect it. Sometimes we have to stop & just soak everything in, even if it means putting editing on hold to spend a few extra minutes with your loved ones. The photos will always be there, but quality time with loved ones will not.

T Bran - <3

Ashley Gwin - Beautiful 🙂

Sherree Schneider - You made me look at the upcoming fall and winter season in a whole new light. I usually start dreading this time of year, knowing the cold weather is right around the corner, but now…somehow, it doesn’t seem as dismissal to me. Beautifully written Karin…I love that…TRANSITION!

Jenny Conrad - Aww. Now I feel bad about hating layers. I do love the Fall, just not my minimal Fall/Winter wardrobe. Thanks for the perspective.

Amanda Zika - Thank you for bringing a pregnant gal to tears. Seriously, a great post. What a great way to reflect on the past, present and future. I often regret the time I spend away from my kids and family and know that I must change that. I will start today! Mwah!

Dawn Devall - You are a beautiful person Karin, inside and out! You have a heart of gold and I am proud to call you a friend:) PS, is there anything you aren’t good at? My lord, you need to write in your spare time! lol


boudoir |ˈboōˌdwär|   a woman’s bedroom or private room. So what in the heck are boudoir photos?  Photos of your bedroom?  Not quite.  This type of photography in my definition is super sexy shots of a bride to be, or a wife, or a female of any age who wants to document how hot they are at a particular […]

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carly - love love love your work! You were so much fun to work with! Ladies- I highly recommend doing this and doing it with Karin at Starry Eyed Studios- it is well worth it!

Emily W. - Hot Damn!

Ashley Gwin - 🙂

Amanda Zika - I love shooting boudior sessions! They are so much fun 🙂 Ladies, if you are reading this post- schedule those sessions now! Karin rocks!

Laura - OMG! I love these pics and I totally want to do this. How fun!