Lindsey & Greg {Engaged}

Remember the older, good looking neighbor boy?  And remember that young girl who watched as the older, good looking neighbor boy hung out with friends and never noticed she even existed?  Until one day… years later when the awkward younger neighbor girl grew into a dynamic, stunning woman and the older boy finally took notice? […]

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Lindsey Lucas - Karin, I couldn’t be happier. These turned out so gread. I can’t wait to see all the rest of them. We had SO much fun with you and Roger!!!! You guys are AMAZING!!!!!!

Jessica Zobrist - Karin, you are such a great storyteller. I have to check out your blog AND your facebooko page just because I always love the stories! GREAT pics!!!

Amanda Zika - I 2nd Jessica. I love hearing your stories. I can tell you truly cherish each one Starry-Eyed couples and that your entire heart goes into each session and wedding :)I know that first hand because I see your and Roger’s passion for what you do each time I work with you 🙂

Janelle & Andy {Engaged}

First impressions are everything, right?  When Janelle met Andy for the first time at Illinois College, he had a racing stripes mullet – courtesy of the football team.   Standing there at the Health Services department, Janelle walked right up and asked “Does your mother know you did that?”  His response?  “Nope, but I’m getting […]

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christine - I love coming to you blog and reading your posts…you are a phenomenal writer and photographer! What a fun session and that couple is adorable!! We need to do lunch soon!

Janelle - LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! Thank you so much Karin and Roger! I can’t wait to see the rest of them. You two are exceptional photographers, but even better people. I can’t wait for the big day and for you to caputure all the great moments. THANKS AGAIN and the photos are rocking!

Judy - What a neat story and beautiful pictures!

Carla - You guys are such a cute couple. Everybody I show your photos to they just love them. Love you guys

Amy & Brent {Wedding Day}

The best way to describe Amy & Brent?  SWEET.  Sweet as the day is long.  Like I would have liked to sporadically throughout the day given them hugs and told them how cute they are.  Down to Earth, cute people, who are made for one another.  I cannot imagine that they’ve ever argued with one […]

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Jenny Hodges - Beautiful shots, as always! I love the reflection puddle shot!!!

Gail Frey - WOW! These are really great. It was so hard to wait a whole month to see them…but it was definitely woth the wait.

Amy Frey - Yay! They are so amazing, I can’t stop smiling!

Emily Dobson - Love all the photos and the little details of their wedding as well. So fun!

Kim & David {Engaged, Part Duex}

Kim & David had an awesome engagement session back in the spring – and by awesome I mean it rained.  Rained horribly.  So they came up to Beaver Dam on a beutiful September day to get a couple more shots before their wedding this month.  I’d like this session to actually be a lesson to […]

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Emily Dobson - This can be a lesson to both clients AND fellow photographers. I think I get too caught up in the session location and sometimes forget what really matters: my subjects. Thank you, Karin.

Amanda Zika - These are gorgeous! I so want a session there. I love, love, love the field photos!

Jessica & Todd {Wedding Day}

Jessica & Todd were married at The Latzer Homestead in Highland IL. on a cool September afternoon.  You could not have asked for a more beautiful September day.  Everything about this wedding had a wonderful vibe – from the down home touches of quilts and hay bales to the gorgeus setting, to all of the […]

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Jessica Zobrist - Karin & Roger, I could NOT get to a computer fast enough when my sisters started texting that the pics were up! They are just as FABULOUS as I knew they would be, and I can’t wait to go through them again… and again… and again!!! THANK YOU!

Christine - Can you say ah-mazing!!! And the picture with the tree- gah! You are crazy talented girlie!

KY ZOBRIST - WOW!! These pictures are just breathtakingly beautiful as are the newly married couple! Love the bride with golden corn behind her and the ariel view looking down at ceremony and the kiss in aisle with all watching-the distance tree horizon shot and especially the tree one with sign on it!! Bridal party looks great and having FUN-and the dip kiss and beautiful rings-WOW!! I can’t wait to see them all and yes, the food was to die for!! Thanks for doing a great job at photographing our kids’ special day!! I will recommend you both to many!! Isn’t that groom so handsome and he sure is happy.


Amanda Zika - This may be my fav. wedding of yours yet! I love the details and every aspect of the lighting is just magical!