Mexican Link Cards?

Jen and Ryan were married October 2nd 2010 in Playa del Carmen Mexico.  They’ve hired us to do a slideshow at their reception celebration here in St.Louis on Saturday, so as to not steal the thunder away from that big moment, we’ve been delaying showing the photos.  The full blog post, slideshow, and pics will […]

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Jamie - OMG, I looooooove these photos! Jen, you look GORGEOUS. Ryan, you look handsome! All the pics are so beautiful and I also love the fonts, wording, and spacing that you did on these, Karin.

Karin & Roger, your talent amazes me! I’m so pumped to see the video Saturday and see the photos!

Rainy - These are beautiful. However, I am not surprised one bit…. a gorgeous couple being photographed by an amazing couple in a breathtaking place. All I have to say is WOW! Jen you look amazing and so happy!!!! I cannot wait to celebrate with all of you on Saturday! xoxoxoxo

Ashley Gwin - LOVE the link cards and our reception guests loved them too! Great idea. 🙂

jen birmingham - I can’t stop looking at these!! A-MAZ-ING!! Thank you so much!!!

Chuck and April {Chandler Hill Winery Wedding}

Roger and I looked very forward to April & Chuck’s wedding all year.  Both the ceremony and reception took place at the gorgeous Chandler Hill Winery in late September.  It doesn’t get much better than that, but when you add in a great looking bride and groom who are also laid back and trust our […]

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Christine - gah, these are flippin’ amazing!!! Seriously love!!!

Amanda Zika - This wedding is amazing! And of course the pictures capture it perfectly! Love, love, love it!

Jennifer & Steven {Wedding Day}

Jennifer and Steven were married on a gorgeous Saturday in September.  I’ll have to admit – Mother Nature has really been attempting to redeem herself after the summer we endured.  The temperature was perfect and there was nothing but beautiful sun. I apologize, because I know I sound like a broken record… but I ADORE […]

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Jennifer Brinkman - Karin & Roger- We cannot thank you enough for the amazing work that you two did!!! We laughed, cried (well maybe just me), all of the above when steven and I first looked at these pictures together. I knew that you guys were amazing at what you do, but DAMN….. I don’t think there is any words that can descride your work! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like a stalker looking at my own pictures, i can’t look away. hehe Agian, we are so thankful and are truely blessed to have you share the most important day of our lives! We love you guys!!
Now back to my stalking! 🙂

Laura - What a BEAUTIFUL wedding! Karin…these photos are awesome, what a lucky couple to have you and Roger photograph them!!:)

Amy Pilger - Oh my, apparently I am a sucker for wedding pictures, I met Jennifer at an Arbonne spa party and she caught my heart. She was the sweetest woman there. I remember her already talking about her wedding. What a lucky guy! I am so grateful that she asked me to vote for her and her new husband! Congratulations and good luck Jennifer!

6 years ago…

I remember coming into the main room in the cabin in my wedding dress and walking up to you, hugging you, feeling like we had this special “thing” that no one else had.  Something stronger, truer, more heartfelt than anyone in the world had ever felt.  I couldn’t wait to grow old you with you. […]

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Angela - Love it!!! 🙂

Lisa Kuhn - Congratulations on your Anniversary! October is the best month to get married – we were just married 27 years ago last weekend!

Amanda Zika - You brought me to tears! Cheers to one of the greatest couples I know!I love you guys 🙂

Lindsey & Greg {Engaged}

Remember the older, good looking neighbor boy?  And remember that young girl who watched as the older, good looking neighbor boy hung out with friends and never noticed she even existed?  Until one day… years later when the awkward younger neighbor girl grew into a dynamic, stunning woman and the older boy finally took notice? […]

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Lindsey Lucas - Karin, I couldn’t be happier. These turned out so gread. I can’t wait to see all the rest of them. We had SO much fun with you and Roger!!!! You guys are AMAZING!!!!!!

Jessica Zobrist - Karin, you are such a great storyteller. I have to check out your blog AND your facebooko page just because I always love the stories! GREAT pics!!!

Amanda Zika - I 2nd Jessica. I love hearing your stories. I can tell you truly cherish each one Starry-Eyed couples and that your entire heart goes into each session and wedding :)I know that first hand because I see your and Roger’s passion for what you do each time I work with you 🙂