Jenny & Brice {Wedding Day}

Jenny & Brice were married on April 2, 2011 at Marine United Church of Christ with a reception following at the LeClaire Room in Edwardsville IL. Those are the details… here is their story.

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Sherree Lynn - I always say your photography can’t get any better with each wedding I look at, but with each one, it does! I look at your work, and can envision you and Roger taking photo’s for upscale magazines and movie stars on the red capet at the Academy Awards. These photos aren’t even of my own wedding, but I enjoy looking at each one as if it were because the photos are simply gorgeous. Your work just blows me away…it’s easy to see why you are booked so quickly each year. 🙂 Hugz to you both!

Laura Ranger - Well Karin and Roger…I couldn’t wait to see your first wedding on your new site and what can I say, just truly Beautifully Amazing!! The yellow and grey in this wedding is just striking! LOVE IT!

Jamie - I LOVE IT! I love the blog post and each of these fabulous photos! Jenny – you are gorgeous!!!! Jenny & Brice and their families put a lot of thought into their ceremony and reception. And, it shows. They did not miss a single detail. Well done, Karin & Roger! You captured the details, the fun, and most importantly, the love between Jenny & Brice.

Jenny Donnelly - So I had to go to a funeral yesterday and I knew the blog post was going up and I was so sad people were going to see it before me. And then after the funeral Brice and I had to run to the mall and while I was in a dressing room he pulled it up on his iphone. And then, I proceeded to stand in the middle of the aisle at Macy’s and look at every picture, and strain my eyes to read your post in teeny-tiny iphone size, and tear up while Brice was checking out for me. AMAZING!!! Karin and Roger, you are brilliant. I know you hear it all the time, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart. You captured the love and fun of our day just like I knew you would, which is why I didn’t cry when the day ended. I knew I could count on you. Thank you.

P.S. It will make my dad so proud to see you mentioned his leaf blower test! Thanks for that!

Ashlee Erlinger - Holy goosebumps!!!! So fantastic!

A gift for Kate

I guess our invite to The Royal Wedding got lost in the mail. I’m pretty disappointed too, because I had the perfect bridal shower gift for Kate.

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Dawn Devall - This is hilarious! I’ve seen the new moms one- this is great. I got an invitation, I’m actually photographing the wedding, would you like to be my side shooter?

Carla J. - OMG – hilarious!

The wonderful world of marketing!

By wonderful I mean excruciating. Many business owners hire people to do a rebrand and marketing, and after what I’ve been through… I TRULY, HIGHLY recommend it. I however like to learn the hard way, rebuffing the looks I received when I told people “I’m doing it myself” when they asked who was doing our logo and branding. It’s certainly not for everyone to take on a task of this nature, but here’s what we came up with…

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emily - LOVE the business cards on both design schemes! 🙂

Jamie - Fellow Wedding Professionals Spotlight? YES!! Good idea!

I love everything about the new name and the new look. Revamped & Rebooted! Funky & Fresh! Gorg & Glam!

Carla J. - WOW. I cannot believe you did these yourself. I know you said it took a ton of work, but WOW. It was worth it. Can you design my stuff in your spare time? j/j
I love reading your blog, so anything you want to write about is cool with me! Just write more often. It’s been a boring few months! 🙂

Leslie - LOVE LOVE LOVE the new website and blog! I love how organized the blog is and how you can open a post to read more. It makes finding what you are looking for so easy!
I would love to hear about people you recommend working with! I have never planned a wedding before so insider tips are awesome!

Julie - YES! I like the idea of highlighting industry professionals.

P.Diddy did it twice. Prince changed his into a symbol.

So why can’t we do it? That’s right – Starry-eyed Studios (as in the name) is no longer. Before you go getting all in an uproar, let us tell you that in regards to the way we do business…nothing has changed. It’s the look, the branding, and the name that is different – and in our opinion BETTER. (I’d venture to even call it… sexy.)

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Jan Wagner - Hey Karin and Roger…congratulations on your new name! I love it! That happens to be my birthdate, so I won’t have trouble remembering it. I’ve gotten to know your work through Donna Heeren and Lyndsey Stayton. I loved what you did for Lyndsey and Derek!!! Looking forward to keeping track of your future endeavors! Again, Congratulations!!!!!! Jan

Snow My Gosh!!

If you live in the midwest, you probably woke up this morning a little miffed about the white stuff on the ground.  While I am a pretty big fan of snow – the windows open and a gentle breeze on a 70 degree day was feeling pretty darn good this last week!  Plus, every time […]

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Jenny Conrad - I don’t even buy milk anymore….just heavy cream. Next weekend is going to be AWESOME, no matter the weather.

Mary Lou Delaney - Hmmm. Hot chocolate with some nice Bailey’s or Schnapp’s. That does sound like a good reason to enjoy the cold. That’s not nearly as good when it’s hot either.

Ashley Gwin - Great post! If it doesn’t involve a “snow day,” no snow for me! 🙂

Cindy Gullo-Pettibone - “Add some booze if you’d like.” My new philosophy on life.

GBran - NNNNjoyed the blog (as usual) Hope all is well in your world and I wish you and Roger the best as you start another season of weddings – capturing moments for them to have forever.