Lauren & Mark {Engaged}

To say it’s been a whirlwind is an understatement. He literally – after knowing her 3 days – saved her from a tornado. From that very moment, she knew. Everything before that day was a little crazy, and everything after was one surprise after another. But Mother Nature brought Mark & Lauren closer than they could have imagined, and nothing else life throws at them will tear them apart. In a whirlwind of moments where their past becomes their future, they look forward to saying “I do” and becoming a family… just maybe in a different order.

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COCO BONGO {Professional Spotlight}

As you approach the front door you’ll probably feel the bass from the music and hear the sounds of laughter, “My Lipgloss is Poppin”, and the spray from an aerosol can of hairspray. It’s like stepping into a fun, care-free world of vibrant colors, pumping music, and some glitter to boot. Every single person wears a smile, and upbeat describes more than just the music tempo. It’s the tempo of their business, so you best get on the party bus and not be left behind – because CoCo Bongo will rock your hair – AND your world!

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Julie - OMG – I LOVE THIS VIDEO!! This salon looks WAY too fun!! Where is it located?

Stacy - You should start writing for travel magazines!! This blog is so descriptive I could almost smell the hairspray! Love it. (And PS – how cute are those girls?)

Carrie V. - Do you think my 7 bridesmaids would mind if we drove an hour to Coco Bongo for our hair and makeup? It IS my day, right?

Kim - Too fun! I think I’m going to have to switch hair salons. Even if it’s a little further it looks worth the drive! Count me in.

Christy - I LOVE the girls at Coco Bongo!! Great stylists, Great atmosphere, Great FUN!!! <3 ya girls!!

Stacy & Nate {Engaged}

It was grade school. He was 7. She was 8. They were probably more interested in Elmer’s Glitter Glue and PBJs than they were in each other at that point. How could you know that the boy who lives down the street would be the person you’d someday marry?

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Trina Stempel - I’m so happy for Nate and Stacy. Karin will be busy with all of the Clinton County weddings and I know everyone will be pleased with the end products.

Paula & Fugi - Nate & Stacy, We are so excited and happy for you! Stacy, You’ve already been a part of the family for years! Now it will just be “official.” Love, Mom & Dad

Becky Huffman Flowers and The Aerialist Press {Wedding Professional Spotlight}

It’s easy to look at Jenny & Brice’s wedding day and be amazed. Luckily, Jenny works at Gateway Center in Collinsville IL and has been exposed to weddings. With her experience in the wedding industry, she was able to choose amazing vendors to help facilitate her vision of their wedding day. Not everyone has the luxury of already knowing the “who’s who” of wedding professionals. So let us introduce you to two!

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Carla J. - YAY! I love this!

Alexandra // The Aerialist Press - Thank you for the awesome spotlight! Jenny truly is one of the kindest and most *delightful* brides we have worked with. AND she had great style! You did an insanely gorgeous job of capturing their day!

xox, A

P.S. Even though we are in CA let’s be friends 😉

Julie - I love letter pressed invites! They are so classic! Love all the photos.

karin - Alexandra… I heart my new California friend!!! (Mentally singing Katy Perry’s California Girls and envisioning us riding around in a convertible laughing and singing.) We were honored to showcase your work! I’ll be stalking your site often and a fan for life!! YOU ROCK!!!

Jenny Donnelly - Let’s just call the day a TRIFECTA! TenSixteen, Becky Huffman and Aerialist Press! Does it get any better?? Thank you ALL for helping make our day absolutely perfect! I was never one of those girls that always dreamed about my wedding day, but now I am! Ooh la la. And not only are each of these awesome wedding vendors putting out great, fantastic, beautiful products, but they’re all sweet, accommodating, creative, smart and helpful!