Christa & Josh {Wedding Day}

Laid back. Easy going. Calm. Not always the words that tend to describe the flurry and frenzy of a wedding day. But the day after Prince William and Kate were married, Christa and Josh did the same. Only they did it with ease. It wasn’t that the day didn’t mean alot, or that they didn’t have an amazing day planned. The fact of the matter was that Christa wanted to marry Josh, and THAT was the only thing that mattered.

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Amanda Zika - Karin, you once called me the child whisperer (or something like that) but I think you stole that title from me with this wedding. That shot of the kids walking out the door and at the reception are unbelievable. I am in love!!!

Kristin & Darren {engaged}

During a Cardinal game in 2009, Kristin’s friend Jen saw a couple friends of hers. After the game was over, her friends Darren and Jeremy waited for them to say hi. As they walked up, Kristin and Darren’s eyes met. She sweetly introduced herself, and could not get over how cute he was. As any good girl would do when talking to a cute guy – she asked him how to spell his name. Yes, that’s right. Because Darren could be spelled a plethora of different ways. Like Darrin, or Darren, or… well – I guess that’s it. So it was clearly a viable question.

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Amanda Zika - Of course this session is completely awesome because it is totally shot Karin and Roger style. I am a bit jealous of how gorgeous this couple looks. She is going to be smokin on her wedding day.

Kerri & Colin {Engaged}

It isn’t complicated. It isn’t as mushy as a romance novel, or as entangled as a romantic comedy. It’s boy meets girl. It’s the little “pictures” in your memory you look back on and smile. It’s the simplicity of caring for someone so much – it sometimes makes you feel like you’ll burst at the seams with joy.
It’s real life. And that is the most perfect story of all.

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Amanda Zika - What a sweet story. I love how crisp and clean these photos are. They definitely feel like summer!!! The colors, the flowers and the couple are captured perfectly in front of your lens. Talent!!!!

Kerri - Karin and Roger! I Love them!!! You guys made that whole day a blast!! You captured us perfectly! I can’t wait to get the cd to see the rest!! Thanks so much! You are awesome!!

Blubox {Wedding Professional Spotlight}

So yeah, we’re sort of spotlighting ourselves this week. I mean, we do write the blog so I’m pretty sure we can toot our own horn if we want to, right? Because blubox is super duper fly and has gone through a little bit of a make over. This redesign is going to have you cheering for sure, and if not – maybe a contest worth $850 will!

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Kim - My son is turning 5 this July and I just think blubox could be SO fun for him and all his friends. I don’t know what to say to win, other than 15 kids with the sunglasses and afros would be HILARIOUS! (And if that doesn’t work, there will be booze at the party for the adults!) (I’d base the party around your availability!)


Nancy Hackmann - I love the Blubox pictures and would love to have this at our wedding! We have a great crowd coming and they would really enjoy this! I hope we are able to have you! Our families are crazy and would really be fun!

Janelle - I may be a PE teacher but I think I am pretty darn good at math and here is why you should pick US for the prize!
Booze + Our Guests + An Insanely Awesome Band + Memories of fun DIVIDED BY 2 Hot and Totally Fly Photographers = Your Newly Created Product!! A calendar I call “The People You May Never Want To Leave Your Children Alone With” TenSixteen’s new million dollar concept baby!!!!!!

Erica Stevenson - Dear BluBox, you are oh so amazing! I thought you should know that you would be a huge hit at our wedding! You will be loved by so many wonderful people! I know you are begging your wonderful owners to allow you to rock out with us! With love, Erica

Nicole - Our Blubox Poem:
Everyone knows that Blubox rocks,
When they all see it their eyes will lock,
Our guest of Clinton County,
Without it may get pouty,
So choose the wedding of Nicole and Zane,
Because you know it will be totally insane,
Pictures with Boas, Afros and glasses,
Will be perfect while their shaking their A**ES!!

Lisa - Our wedding is on October Twenty Two – and would love to have blubox as our something blue! PLLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEEEEE pick us!

Colbey - My friends are getting married next April and have to budget to make this wedding memorable. They are both amazing people who would do anything for anyone….-kind hearts show the true meaning of friendship not $$$…this would be a perfect gift for a couple who truely deserve the best 🙂

Stacy Haar - Lets see…my family….music….drinks…..need I say more?? Blubox would be HILARIOUS at our reception.

Jill & Kyle - Top 5 reasons you should bring Blubox to our wedding:
5. You’ve already saved the date (10/15/11)
4. Our friends are often mistaken for models
3. Uncle Chick has a pony tail, so no need for props
2. We need “something blue”
1. Grandma will have all her teeth in

Amanda - B ret and I? Not
L ove at first site, but he was special, maybe Mr. Right!
U nbeknownst to me, Bret had
B ig plans, looking at rings, asking things. Rain or shine,
O n May 19, he’s MINE! So inviting “Blu” is an
X -cellent thing to do!

Jenny Donnelly - Lodi Dodi, We likes to party. We don’t cause trouble, we don’t bother nobody…… I should win the blubox for my 40th birthday party, because a.) You already saved the date (10/24/2020) b.) Who else is going to rent a whole carnival for their party? c.) Carnies are all the props we need. d.) I promise to give you both an unlimited ride wristband.

Mary & Sulli - Our wedding (7/16/11) needs to be full of awesome. Blubox will instantly take us from picture snap to the “Oh Crap, that is going straight on the Internet” moments that will bring laughter to our friends and family for years to come. Our event will turn Blubox into a verb!

Bluebox is KEY! Bluebox is GOLD!
What is a wedding without…
I just don’t know!
If not Bluebox…
can we please have snow?
Make it special,
make it glow!
Capture the night,
don’t let it go!
Whatever it is,
BLUEBOX is really the way to roll!!!

Lindsay - My friend’s getting married (4/28/12). Being the maid of honor, getting this for her wedding would really allow me to slack on my other duties. Some reasons we need Blubox: 600 guests, canned beer, questionable decision-making, white people dancing, inebriated uncles, sparklers, children wearing bow ties and potential cake fights.

Tracy - A small town couple with big time family and friends. A celebration of a spotlight loving bride and an attention grabbing groom. A hall full of dancing, hamming, grooving, laughing, singing, bustin’ moving, loving, and not to mention gorgeous crowd. Equals an irresistible setting for a blubox photo shoot

Steph - As an aspiring professional Blubox model, what’s a better way for me to celebrate my 30th Birthday with some of my and YOUR favorite people then to have a Blubox Birthday Bash??! You know that I’m sad that I hadn’t yet met you guys when I got married, so this can be our pics AND party together! Hilarious photos?? I’ve GOT this!!