Kelly & Grant {Engaged}

It’s always a little awkward when you know you’re being set up. When they met for the first time they talked a little bit and exchanged numbers because they somewhat felt they were SUPPOSED to. They did hang out amongst one another in groups the next couple days, and then… he was gone. He had an engineering internship in Kansas for the summer, and left. Nothing quite like meeting someone and having them leave before they ever get a chance to know you. She figured it was hopeless. What is the likelihood of this guy calling and keeping in touch with someone he just met? Well, as fate would have it… pretty likely.

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Amanda Zika - Where have I been? I have missed out on all these gorgeous blog post!!!! What an awesome and beautiful set of picture. I love the fact that they truly look like they are having fun in each photo.

Ashley & Brent {Engaged}

Timing. Bad timing, good timing, and the time in between. When Brent & Ashley met, they made each other laugh. Their personalities were similar and they both enjoyed the other’s company. But bad timing kept them from pursuing anything further than acquaintances. She asked her friend Brittany about him from time to time, unbeknownst to her he was doing the same. And then it all came together that fateful Thanksgiving Day Eve.

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Ashley York - I Love them! You guys are amazing! Can’t wait til October! =)

Carissa Hibbert - Awww I love the story and the pictures 🙂 They fit you well!

Amanda Zika - I love the story and the pictures too. Super gorgeous couple!

Ashley & Ben {Wedding Day}

As we arrived in Davenport IA we immediately began scouting locations for the next day. Davenport is a very cool city situated right on the river. A plethora of historical buildings and charm, coupled with modern city architecture and hustle and bustle. Not to mention a BILLION cool spots for photographs. When we met with Ashley & Ben that evening they were so excited for what the weekend would bring. There was a buzz in the air and absolute happiness. With the locations marked on our GPS for the next day, we headed to the hotel for a good night’s sleep.

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Dawn Devall - Karin, is it possible for you to get any better? I don’t think so!! You are the BEST there could EVEr be. You are amazing photographer- writer and person! And way to go Roger!!!!

Lisa - Holy Moly! All the photos are amazing, but the shots in the rain are JAW DROPPING. This wedding should be in Martha Stewart Weddings and the night rain shot should be ON THE COVER! I’m a HUGE fan for life!

Jessica - I’m not normally a blog commenter, but I had to take the time to say that you two are amazing. I think there are so many things that set your work apart from any other photographer’s work that I’ve ever seen. But the main thing I notice is your talent in telling a story. Most photogs don’t take the time to write such a heartfelt account of a day. But coupled with the images you walk away with a complete sense that you know the couple. I totally think your personalities and your body of work outshines anything I’ve ever seen locally and beyond. I look forward to each post!
(Guess I should’ve commented before – I wrote an entire book here!)

Mike B. - WOW. WOW. WOW.

Jessica Zobrist - Ummm, can I get married again? This time in the rain?

Amanda Zika - Okay, so this is my new fav wedding of yours. Couple the bride be any happier?!?! She is truly a woman head over heels in love. And I LOVE the lights at the reception. It reminds me of a fairy tale.

Stephanie & Todd {Engaged}

Being kids together. Growing up together. Becoming teens together. The chapters of their lives always intertwined and weaving in and out, yet remaining independently separate. There were some close calls. Some instances that border on dating, or at the very least – flirtation. Like during psychology class when they would push their desks together every time a movie was played and whisper to one another. She’d write on his notebook Todd + Stephanie. “One day we will date each other.” she whispered.

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Amanda Zika - Total hotness! This is totally your style girl! You guys rocked it once again. I love the chic outfit choices too!

Jenny Donnelly - Stephanie, you look hot! GREAT photos!!!! Way to go, as always, Karin and Roger!!

Clare & Kyle {Engaged}

People told her he was in love with her in high school. He denies it. But I don’t know, he did ask her to marry him.

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Clare - Karin and Roger – These are absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much for such a fun day and being such great photographers. Can’t wait till 10/28!

Amanda Zika - You are so good at getting people comfortable in front of the camera. You can tell this couple was having an awesome time and loved being in front of your lense. Awesome, awesome session and I love the locations!