Brooke D. {Senior Photos}

Brooke is the definition of the girl next door, all American, beauty. She’s as sweet as the day is long, naturally gorgeous, and the girl every mom wishes her son would someday marry. She is just perfect and doesn’t really realize what a knock out she is. And let’s face it – who doesn’t love a midwestern beauty that proudly loves mashed potatoes.
She was very excited about senior photos as were we, never questioning any idea we came up with. And even though it was SO hot the day we did photos, she kept a smile on her face and went with it. Enjoy Brooke’s senior session!

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Mary Lou Delaney - For us, Brooke is literally the girl next door. Once again you’ve managed to take beautifully unique pictures. Brooke looks beautiful.

Lori Demuzio - Roger & Karin,
You two are truly amazing!! Pictures are unbelievable!! What fun we had, even in the heat!! Thank you for capturing Brooke’s personality in such a beautiful way!!

Lori (Brooke’s proud Mom)

Tricia Nejmanowski - The photos are truly amazing, creative and beautiful!!! Loved the video too.

Mary & Sulli {Wedding Day}

Mary & Chris (aka Sulli) are at the core – best friends. You can see it in the way they look at one another. They’d searched for the one in life, and it maybe took a little longer for them to find each other. So when they did, they held on tight and are a constant reminder to the other of how lucky they are and how blessed one is to marry their closest, deepest friend. The one who accepts you just as you are, and loves you unconditionally. Mostly – the two are happiest when they are around the other. They laugh louder, speak sweeter, smile bigger, radiate brighter, and party harder. It’s a real, true love. Enjoy their beginning!!

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Paige & Ryan {Wedding Day}

He calms her. She gets nervous or excited and just with his presence she relaxes. He’s shy, but with her by his side he finds refuge and understanding. They’ve been together since they were kids, so they know one another like the back of their hands. But somehow when she walks in the room it’s like it’s the first time they’d met. He nurtures her and makes certain she’s provided and cared for, even if it’s just with a glance across a crowded room to make sure she’s happy. She respects him, valuing his needs and encouraging his dreams, even if it’s just with the way she listens when he talks or laughs at his jokes. In their contrasts they find balance and stability, and in their hearts they find home. Their love is unfading and timeless – and this is only the beginning… Enjoy Paige & Ryan’s wedding day.

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Morrisa - Stunning photos! Paige looked so beautiful, and Ryan was so handsome. You captured it wonderfully!


Paige Dambacher - Roger & Karin- Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…. I absolutely LOVE these photos…. I could not even imagine our day being captured this well! They are AWESOME and so are YOU BOTH!!

Amanda Zika - Dang girl! You are on fire every year but 2011 does you very, very well. Each wedding is better then the next and I don’t know how that is possible. Fabulous job!

Christine - You two are fabulous!

Gorgeous couple + gorgeous wedding + Karin and Roger = The most amazing wedding images they get to enjoy for a lifetime!!

Theresa Dambacher - WOW! you have truly helped us remember with awesome photos of that blessed day.Beautiful in everyway-my new daughter-in-law,bridal party,family,friends and especially you two-thanks for making this happen.

Kristen & Joey {Wedding Day}

Kristen & Joey are sweet as the day is long, easy going, hilarious, and in love. Kristen settled for nothing less than the fairytale, and from the romance, to the engagement story, to the wedding day – that’s exactly what she’s gotten. It’s brilliant when you find your perfect person, your soul mate, your love. And to witness the promises and joy on July 2nd, 2011 – was magical.
Enjoy Kristen & Joey’s wedding day!

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Kristen caradonna - Awesome job Karin and Roger. We LOVE the pictures and video. You have the most phenomenal ideas for pictures. We couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out. My most favorite picture was of course the one of the three of us. It’s a framer!

Laura Ranger - Beautiful wedding…loved the sparklers and the sand castles what a cute idea! Karin, you and Roger have done it again!

Jessica Zobrist - LOVE LOVE LOVE the sparklers against the perfect blue sky! So purdy!

Kat Moussette - What beautiful pics of Kristen and Joey! It was a great day and you captured it very well I enjoyed the pictures very much and the video!

Janelle & Andy {Wedding Day}

Janelle & Andy are soul mates. And I mean they have found their match 100%. It takes all of a millisecond to see how perfect they are together. Both fun, easy going, down to Earth people who will so obviously make it through life together by using laughter and fun as their remedy for any hardships. They don’t know a stranger and everyone adores them. (aprox 700 people at their wedding – I’d say they are well liked) Including us. (702 people make that) Enjoy Janelle & Andy’s wedding day!

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Jeff Rabenorrt - Janelle, you’ve never looked more beautiful! Andy, well you let grown men nibble on your ear! You’re an awesome couple and I wish you both all the best in all you do. Looking forward to seeing you around for many years to come. God’s blessings jeff “The Godfather”

AmySchwiderski - Excellent album! Captured the spirit of the couple and the wedding…fun-loving, passionate and well-loved!! Very well done. Brought tears to my eyes!

Dondi - I LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos! But ADORE your blog! It always makes me 🙂

Debbie Blackburn - I loved All the pictures, Janelle you were a beautiful Bride; Andy you were pretty handsome too. I really liked how the pictures were set to one of my favorite songs. Lots of Love, Deb Ford Blackburn

Connie Kuhn - Wow Wow Wow – what a beautiful album and beautiful wedding and beautiful reception and beautiful bride and handsome groom (Andy didn’t want to suffer any repercussions because of calling you beautiful) – IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY FOR 2 WONDERFUL KIDS – that will always hold a place in our hearts!